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Lost payout!

Hello! 30 minutes ago I pressed on “Fiverr revenue card” button to send my money to my Fiverr revenue card,but I get no confirmation on my email! What happened? Can I lose my money?

I have an error a minute ago when I tried loading my mastercard. I’m freaking out right now!

I’ve noticed a delay with Paypal this morning too. It usually takes a minute, it’s been over 20 minutes so far. I know that sounds like a 1st world problem, but I usually click the link and it’s there.

But what about sending Fiverr payout to Fiverr(Payoneer) revenue card ? Does it take 24 hours too? As it always takes 5-15 minutes and today it has 6 hours passed after my request and no confirmation mails have received inbox! (((( I don’t want to lose my payout! ((((((

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks! If you understood me correctly,I meant confirmation email from Fiverr payoneer support group,where you are able to request 2 days(standard) or 2 hours(fast) payout load! I’m waiting for this email for 8 hours :((((((((((

Reply to @kjblynx: Oh I’ve tried it too, but no results ((( and the support still hasn’t answer! It’s so sad!!!

Is it a good idea to get someone to run your business,while still a newbie?How much would the cost be? Does anyone here know,who I could trust, or what I am looking at to do the job.I have all these money making ideas,but don’t want to do the hard nitty gritty part.


Reply to @choice1710:

That would likely be your problem then. If you want to be in business – any business – you need to be willing to do the “hard nitty gritty part”. Starting up a new business requires your ideas, just as much as your willpower and determination to make those ideas work. In the end, though, only YOU know what’s best for your business. Afterall, it is YOUR business. :wink: