Lost post - proof of value for compensation required


I hand draw portraits which I then photograph for buyers. Sometimes buyers will ask me to ship the original for an extra charge.

I have one that has got lost in the post and am trying to claim compensation but the shipping company wants proof of value.

Anyone else had experience in this. Do I print out a screen shot of the order. Somehow I’m not sure that will be suitable.


Yes that would be proof of value. You would need to tie it to that exact shipment somehow.


Can you not export your orders in the CSV file, earnings section in the dashboard and attach it to the claim perhaps ? this way it shows how much the order value is.


I just downloaded my CSV file from the earnings tab, that should do the trick for you it has order id, gig titles, amount date etc, then if you tie the order number in with a screen shot also that should work. Never had to do it but just my way if i had this issue


Thanks everyone. I will try that and see what happens :+1: :+1::+1: