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Lost Sale after a lot of work

Had a huge order for a very long version of my regular gig… put at least eight hours into it but the customer was a perfectionist and learning how to do exactly what she wanted in order to show me what she wanted… so she ended up using her own version instead…I’m not actually complaining or anything, because she probably would have let me keep the money if I pressed it at all but I graciously offered to do a mutual cancellation.

OOHHHHH I will miss you money!!!

Thank you for letting me rant. :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s good to not be alone. :slight_smile:

I seriously feel for you. I’ve been in the same position. I told the buyer that I really didn’t want to cancel but I had already done 5 revisions because she kept changing her mind. She agreed that the problem was mostly her, but she still insisted that we could be a “great team.” She had paid me for 6 gigs and I was fairly new and very excited about the order, but after putting 10 hours of work into it and doing the math… I finally told her that if she couldn’t accept any of the versions I had done, I needed to cancel. It hurt!

Must be very dissapointing if you put so much work into something and then get nothing back =/ I feel sorry for you!

You’re not alone,

Been there done that. Probably will do it again. At 1100 deliveries, I feel very confident in my work. I show very clear examples of my work before they order. If my work is not a good fit for someone, I gladly suggest a mutual cancellation. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. (Well I try to not let it) It’s just exceptional customer service and I have to build that into my rate. I am careful not to take a huge order on a first time client. This minimizes the size of the refund. Don’t take multiple orders from a first time client. Let them order 1 and deliver it before other orders are placed from the same client. Don’t be afraid to ask for them to order the first 100 words to proof the concept, before they order the entire project. On some of my audio editing cleanup jobs, I offer to clean up a portion of the file before they order. This allows me to check the files and has eliminated unsatisfied results.

My stats:

1100 completed jobs, Less that 20 cancellations after the work was completed.

Zero Negative Feedback. $30.00 Average Selling Price.

Reply to @landongrace: Fantastic advice. Thanks for chiming in. I have to agree that exceptional customer service is the ticket. In it for the long haul!