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Lost the first level of the seller

My level dropped after I started canceling orders from clients who were not satisfied with my work, although I think I did it well.

Please advise what to do if the order is completed on time and with high quality, but the client is not happy with the result. Perhaps this will help other people who are faced with a similar problem.

Thanks in advance


Well, the easiest solution would be to modify the delivery as per their liking. But I don’t think that’s the answer you’re after so…

What happened exactly?
Did the client request too many modifications?
Or did they want to cancel right away as soon as you delivered the order?



On several occasions with clients, there was a similar situation. After a lot of revisions, customers made new changes that looked like a new order.

They refused to pay for additional services. In these situations, I canceled the order, as I did not see the end of it.

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Well you might contact the support if you think that its not your fault for cancellation of the order. I think if you explain them whats going on they can remove the cancelled order from your account. Thats the best thing you can do at this point.