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Lost the PRO Badge


I lost my PRO badge bcoz of last 4 projects.
The clients want the refund after the work done. Anyway, that is a different story!

Please let me know how to get it back?
What should I do?


Ask your Success Manager. Pro badges are a different thing from other badge types. The forum can’t help. It would be helpful if you post what you find out.


You’ve been here since 2014 so I assume you applied for the PRO badge.
You can apply again or contact customer service and they will tell you if and how you get it.


I’ve been looking at your gigs. I’m seeing ratings of 4.6, 4.7, and your most expensive gig has only 1 review, and a 1.0 rating.

Your cheapest gig, $40, has a perfect 5.0. So it’s clear to me that having higher prices might be hurting you, people expect a lot more when they pay a lot more.

I’m not saying it’s your fault, I’m looking at your portfolio pieces and they’re really beautiful.

I can only speculate that you lost your badge because Fiverr expects a lot more from PRO sellers, than even TRS’s.

I doubt that. Very few ex-TRS’s have gotten their TRS back, so why should it be easier for PRO’s? PRO’s are the elite of Fiverr, the ultimate VIP room, the cream of the crop. Imagine the expectations Fiverr has of them.


i feel very sad for you , this really frustrating for a seller :cry:


I’m so sorry this happened to you!

It’s unusual to have four buyers in a row request refunds. Were these Paypal chargebacks? Did they give a reason for wanting refunds?


I’m really just responding to this because I’ve been meaning to mention it after seeing a few different people mention Pro and prices. I can’t be 100% sure this is still true, but I think it is. As far as I know, a gig (not a seller) cannot be marked as Pro unless the minimum price is $100. I agree with fastcopywriter that when people order a gig that costs more they expect more, and if it’s marked as Pro they expect pretty much industry standard work even if the price isn’t industry standard.

Note that a seller only has to have one Pro gig to get a Pro badge, their other gigs can be regular ones. If a seller loses all of their Pro gigs, they also lose the Pro badge. I agree with fastcopywriter again on the fact that the badge was probably lost because the buyers who were purchasing the OP’s gigs weren’t happy enough to warrant the prices or badge of a Pro. (I don’t know if Fiverr ever gives people a second chance at Pro since the only other Pros I’ve known to lose the badge also left Fiverr.)


Re-apply next time!! (What’s a big deal in that?) :wink:
You know that you are a PRO, just because you don’t have a badge doesn’t mean that you have lost your skills too. Of course you have lost some benefits that comes with a badge, but you still have the “PORTFOLIO” section as being a Level 2. You are still “Special”. How many of Level 2 sellers have a “Portfolio” section to display at their profile?

Don’t regret for what you have lost, enjoy for what you have!

Good Luck!!


sorry to hear ! please contact your success manager. Hope he can help you


It is very sad to hear that you lost your Pro badge. I too lost my TRS badge in the September evaluation and now waiting for 3 months to get it back. Followed the courses, passed exams, updated the Gigs etc… But it has been a very hard work to get back it. One extra cancellation lost me the TRS badge as well as the sales.


Really feeling sad for you


That was a great answer, I agree with you. I don’t know if a PRO has to charge at least $100 on his pro-gig, or ever gig. I know that when I became TRS (which I lost), I created two new gigs to take advantage of my new status, and those gigs paid of big time.

I can sympathize with you, done all that as well. I’m staying on Fiverr because I’m making money here. I think that pro’s that leave Fiverr are losing money, although I can understand why they left. When you’re at the top and you’re knocked down a level or two, it can be soul crushing.

My advice would be to concentrate more on your clients, and less on your level.


The last time I talked directly with someone who had a pro badge, they did require $100 but only on gigs with the badge. I just looked at that seller’s profile (easy to find though they aren’t on the forum anymore) and all the gigs with Pro on them are at least $100 but there are a couple of cheaper gigs without the Pro badge. It seems to me that Pros who don’t make enough at first would benefit from having a few expensive gigs and a few less expensive ones, even if the cheaper ones were things that didn’t take long. I realize that some people probably feel their profile looks better if ever gig is marked Pro, though.

I am totally with you on making money. Fiverr has been the most consistent site for me in terms of just generating some income. I do work on other sites, but some of them will dry up for me over a period of months and then generate a burst of funds. As long as I continue to make money on Fiverr, even if it wasn’t consistent, I’d probably keep selling here. The only thing that would change that is if I did something else that was so lucrative I no longer felt it was worth the stress of checking messages and minding rules here. That hasn’t happened yet.

I made money here at level 0 and 1 as well, so level wouldn’t stop me even though I would be disappointed if I lost a level. I’m very glad that at least up to level 2 the objectives to achieve it are so clear. TRS is unclear and Pro is even more unclear, so those hold less attraction for me since that would make badge maintenance a stress.


I’m sorry you lost your TRS and I understand how bad it must have been for you. I try to look at it, as well as almost everything in life, as temporary, especially now with the levels. We literally cannot control our level as long as there can be cancellations that count against us.

We do have a lot of time and effort invested in this site as sellers so to have something so important taken away can indeed be a blow. Just try to remember everything is temporary in life.


Hi, It is really sad to hear such news. I wish you to have it again but I guess, your rating needs to be improved first.

On the other hand, how you got it for the first time?:wink:


Yes. Our talent and the experience is still remaining although dominated from a Level. As we are talented and well experienced, we will get back the desired level. We don’t think an automatic system can determine our talent


That’s the theory, but TRS and PRO are manually-selected by Fiverr, so they could choose not to return what you used to have. It took me a while to accept that, but on the internet, if you’re on someone else’s platform, you’re under their rules. Even if you own the website, your ISP might turn against you, so it’s very important to work with the right ISP.

I agree with that, very few things are permanent.

Either way, Fiverr has been a fascinating experiment, and very educational when it comes to markets, supply and demand, what happens when you increase prices, etc. Fiverr forces you to think outside the box, in the quest to create a lucrative gig.


Actually I am not disappointed if they demoted me from the TRS by manually. But their automatic system demoted me because of just extra cancellation. It is very unfair to loss the TRS level by automatically as it was given them by manually. Now I don’t believe if they atleast check my account manually although they send us the message saying that “Your have been nominated for the TRS level” on 15th of every month.


Is there such a thing as a success manager?


Yes. All Fiverr Pros are assigned a Success Manager and can reach them directly. Fiverr also hand picks some other leveled and TRS sellers to have an SM but they don’t say much publicly about the program.