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Lost touch with my Seleer

I have totally lost contact with my seller. We were VERY close to completing my project and I cannot get a rsonse. Have left numerous messages over the last two months. HELP!!!


Is the seller’s profile still active? Basing on what you said that it has been over two months, likely the seller is not active or not interested in replying.

Contact Customer Support →

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I THINK there’s a mixup. Fiver closed my project, but the seller and I agreed we still had minor changes. Then communications stopped. This guy has been top-notch and not responding is NOT his style.

99% sure he is active… what can I do??

BTW, thanks for the quick reply

Based on what you said, the only one able to help you look into this is Customer Support. Hehe, use the link I shared above. They will be able to reach out to the seller if needed.

Thank you. I had been looking for the Customer Service link and couldn’t find it.