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Lost voice, can`t sing

Hello, I have singing gig and I have ussully 5 days delivery time. Last time I have made for my buyer expectation and said, I could make 3 days delivery without extra charge for him. So, yestarday I got ill, I have fever now and lost my voice, cant finish my job on time(I have already recorded more than half). Any advices? I have wrote already him about this

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You should send a delivery extension request using the resolution center tool on the order page. If the buyer is away and not responding, then you should contact support and ask them for help. Get well soon!

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Thank you for an unswer. I have 10 hours before the finish order. So, what will be your advice, wait or write CS about help?!

If you’ve opened a dispute and requested a time extension it might be best to just wait and try to deliver when you can (when your voice is recovered enough), while trying not to deliver late. Unless maybe it can be completed by processing the existing vocal recording(s) in some way (since over half the song has been completed).

At this point what I would do is send the already finished part to the buyer and ask him or her to extend the delivery time. Not deliver the file but rather send it in a message. If the buyer like what they hear they might consider extending the time, if they don’t they might ask you to cancel… Contacting support will only work if you want to cancel the order and not to extend the delivery time.

if I will deliver half part, will this break fiverrs rulls or not?

I have wrote him, but its now early norning in USA, so I hope will unswer me faster. I have sent already dipute to extend delivery time. for example, if he will agree my request after delivery time, will this impact in my account?

Yes, if you use the “deliver” option to deliver half it would be seen as a partial delivery and could get a warning.

edit: note: I was not suggesting to do that.

From the terms of service:

Using the “Deliver Work” button when an order was not fulfilled may result in a cancellation of that order after review, affect the Seller’s rating and result in a warning to Seller.

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Yes, I know the same, thats why I have asked