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Lot of buyers skipped to keep me a review

I started to work before 2 months ago and I had so many orders and I was able achieve seller level 1 quickly and now I am about to go to seller level 2. But i am facing a little problem about buyers’ reviewing.

Within last 2 weeks, I was able to complete more than 15 jobs but most of buyers have skipped to review. Exactly that is not about my poor service. Hopefully they were happy with my final product too but I missed those feedback.

Anyway is there any effect to my profile rating or going to level 2 achievement. And I didn’t receive less orders in this week. But still my some of GIGs show in first page too.

If you have such experiences please share with me for my next step.


Reviews aren’t necessary for you to attain level 2. As long as you hit all the marks on the Levels page, you will be fine. The requirements do include a set number of sales, but they do not have to be reviewed. It is really up to the buyer and it actually can be a good thing. Some buyers may like your work well enough, but may not feel inclined to leave a 5 star review. They may just skip the review instead of leaving a review less than 5 stars and that is really in your favor. It is better for most sellers (especially in the early stages) to get no review than a 3 or 4 star.

So, personally I wouldn’t worry about it. Some sellers prefer to ask buyers to always review, so not everyone would agree with me. You can also write something more neutral when you deliver such as “If you felt I delivered as described or better, I always appreciate a great review. Thank you for buying!” Some other people might have even better suggestions for how to word it, so if so, perhaps they will reply.

Thank you very much for your advises! really these are very helpful to me.