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Lot of skills but no buyers

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Is it fate or what?

Yes - it’s entirely fair. Fiverr doesn’t find buyers for you, but it does give you the opportunity to use buyer requests, or indeed you can find your own buyers.

At least fiverr must encourage buyer to visit every seller profile…


Maybe buyers don’t need your services - why would they want to visit your profile if you’re offering gigs they’re not interested in?

Anything to stop you promoting your gigs yourself?

But what if I buyer missed me even if my skills are matching more than others… :frowning:

I’ll try again:

Promote yourself! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Imagine being a buyer and being forced to scroll through every single seller profile when they’re looking for a job.

If they didn’t come to you, that means that the others’ skills match their needs well enough. I don’t see how this is the fault of the system?

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So how can I target buyer if I am new one? No good profile…no stars…no reviews…

You say that as if you can’t control not having a good profile. It’s your profile–if you can see that it’s not good, then fix it.

I’ve had numerous buyers reach out to me even when I was relatively new because they liked the blurb for my short story gig, and that was an extremely plain gig with a straightforward image my brother took on his camera for me. If no buyers are coming, keep refining your profile.


can you please go to my profile and tell me that what’s wrong there?

I think that your profile description could use some work. You keep emphasizing how hardworking and sincere you are. This is just a personal opinion, but I think it would actually be interesting if you talked about something more than that, such as interests that relate to the services you offer. Showing passion for what you do can be attractive to buyers.

Your gig descriptions are all very short. You need to talk about your skills and what you’re going to do for your clients. A tiny little blurb like that isn’t going to convince people to buy your gig.

Your video editing gig could use a video that shows off your editing skills more, methinks. I’m no expert, but the effects used there seem like they came straight out of iMovie.


Any way…Thanks…But still there must be something to support sellers to target good buyer…

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Refine your profile before even starting to think about targeting buyers. Even if you do draw buyers to your profile, they’ll be a lot less likely to purchase your gig if they seem to have very little effort behind them.


You have gotten some excellent advise. Are you going to use it to improve your profile and gig?


Of course I will do it… :slight_smile:

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why there are only 4 active offers???

I’ve seen Fiverr advertising different gigs on Facebook, but you’re right. Fiverr doesn’t usually find you buyers, it’s buyers that have to find you.

Sometimes I like to survey my clients, ask them where they found me. Referrals are great as well, people who have had good experiences with you might recommend you for others.

Of course, a new seller with no reviews has to be affordable and flexible without giving the store away.


Do work hard buddy soon you will be best seller
U know hardwork and passion are two keys of success
You can do it only your little effort require …come on … :trophy:

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I will… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: