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Lot of skills but no buyers

wy?? :frowning:

Because you’re a new seller.

No I have 7
gigs and 4.6 reviews

That’s pretty new, mate.

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If there is no requests for new one…How he/she will target buyers… :frowning: point to be noted

You’re going back to repeat your first post of the thread now… :wink:

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anyway…before this I had unfinished list of requests…

There is point… :smiley:

To my understanding, that’s actually not your situation. You have had orders, and now your rating is too low for you to apply to buyer requests. (That’s what I assume; I’m pretty sure the lowest rating is 4.8 but I’m too lazy to check).

There’s a point, but it’s not a great one. All of us were new at some point.

Let me correct u…There was a time When I was new and got 3 offers in a week…After then I get busy and now the situation is this… I was new lol

You’re still relatively new, but you have had reviews so you’re a little different from the complete newbies, I guess.

Why does getting busy result in this situation again?

Rating must be 87% and I have 91%

Ahh, got it. I haven’t actually checked that info in a while lol. I was wrong.

I mean I was busy and had no time to give time to fiverr…

It’s ok…

It has been changed. Newbies get less requests.
You’re not even level 1

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sad :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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