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Lots of clicks but no orders?


I have a video game article gig, which has been getting a crazy number of impressions, views and clicks, but only two orders. And those two coming from the same buyer. I figured something must be putting buyers off so I HEAVILY edited the gig. I created packages, created a custom photo, logo, and updated the description. I did this to hope to get more buyers, since so many people were seeing my gig. I think it’s pretty good, but a second opinion can never hurt. If you don’t mind, can you check out my gig and tell me how it is and what I can improve? Thanks!


You can start by adding samples to your gig. Most buyers would like to see your writing style and some kind of proof that you can write without grammar mistakes.

Also, you might want to mention your qualifications for this gig. Pull up some of the top sellers and check their profile information. Don’t copy/paste their info, but try to sell yourself as a writer.

Finally, don’t forget to check Fiverr Community and Academy for further information.


Dear Alvi:

First I suggest you log out of the forum and back in, so that your photo is re-done at a higher resolution. (You’ve apparently re-done your profile image as a logo, so that may show up in the Forum when you log out and back in.)

[EDIT: I see that you took my advice about logging out of the Forum and logging back in! Great job!]

Next, I suggest you add your Fiverr link to your profile to make it easier for forum participants to see your Fiverr profile page.

Your log-line is “My name is Alvi, and I would love to do business with you!”

You say pretty much the same thing in the first line of your gig description.

I suggest you re-cast your log line, focusing on key words.

Instead of saying, “My name is Alvi,” I suggest you save space in your profile description by placing, “-Alvi” at the end.

Only 1 of your gigs has a video. I suggest you add video to all your gigs.

Your gig title seems fine to me, but that’s not my area of expertise.

The gig you asked us to look at has only 1 image, and it seems to be fairly generic. I suggest you create images that are specific and personal to you.

Your profile text: You start by telling us your name is Alvi and end by signing off as Alvi. I suggest you view each of your 1200 characters here as precious, and do everything you can not to repeat yourself.

You also repeat yourself talking about the wide variety of topics you can write about. I suggest saying this only once and using the characters you save to give specific examples.

I also suggest you add writing samples to your two available @ 3-page pdf slots, so people can see how well you write. One about gaming, and one about your second-favorite topic…

I believe “300-word article” is preferable to “300 word article” (ditto for 500- and 1000-).

Try creating custom images to thank your Buyers and including them with your Deliveries. If your Buyers start adding these to your Live Portfolio, take care that each image is unique and works for you, by giving new Buyers pretty pictures to look at. If this technique works, and I don’t know that it will, it will give you an edge over other Sellers in your category.

(You know, I’ve been suggesting this technique for months, and still, no one has told me whether it works in non-image categories.)

I understand that your Standard and Premium Packages add images and citations.

I suggest A/B Testing this gig without offering any images…

In addition, I want to point out that Buyers looking at your packages may not notice or care about the images or citations, but they will probably notice that the word count for $10, which is twice $5, is not twice as much. This may be a sticking point, images and citations or not.

(I don’t know that for sure; I suggest you try A/B Testing different price points, offering more words for less per word at higher price points.)

Finally, I suggest you take advantage of the availability of Frequently Asked Questions, if that’s available for your category.

Good luck,

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