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Lots of impressions but no conversions :(

Hi, good people of Fiver. I am a relatively new seller and I have been diligently trying to improve my gig and get some orders. It has been a journey and I have successfully made it to the first page :partying_face:. Though being on the first page has increased the number of impressions that I am getting, there are very very few conversions. I am still working on improving every aspect of the gig, and getting some feedback will be very helpful. So if you can spend a couple of mins going through my gig (Excel dashboard ) and drop your insights in the comment, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


can you plz share your gig link

Create an excel dashboard and automate reports for data visualization by Pratiksrivas842 | Fiverr ( have hyperlinked in the post as well)