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Lots of impressions, views, clicks but no orders

I guess I’m wondering how many views, clicks do you need to typically get an order.

I need some help. I thought 1/100 clicks was reasonable, what is a better number? Is there something wrong with my gig(s)? Somebody help please!

Try lowering your price a bit until you get a bit of traction perhaps?


You need to work on your gigs.

  • the content gig has grammar mistakes.
  • there are some promises you can’t keep such as nearly 0% bounce rate
  • the gig descriptions are rather vague
  • you’re focusing mostly on actions rather than value you’ll provide

Your account was created back in 2016 so I guess you weren’t a seller at the beginning.
Anyway, continue reading this forum and optimize your gigs based on the tips provided by senior sellers.


It’s not really worth my time working for a lower rate.

Kindly do the gig optimization and you will get everything soon

I know this feeling quite well, but given the circumstances, you may not have a choice if you’re looking to gain traction with your Gigs.

It’s common knowledge that most Buyers aren’t comfortable spending $25 - $100 on Gigs with no reviews. That’s just the way it is, and while i cannot dictate to you what your work is worth, you may have to, for the time being, undermine that worth until you’ve established yourself here.


Do you think I should create another seo specific account?

Also thanks for your help. Will implement.

That’s a solid point but I just can’t think of anything under with the right time frame, I’m already doing stuff for cheap some dudes I know go $100-$250 / hr.

I’ll earn my reviews on this platform like any good seller.

I know this question was not addressed to me, but you can only own one Fiverr account at a time. Creating another one would be contrary to Fiverr’s ToS, so I would not recommend doing it.

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If you wanted to, you could ask CS to delete your existing account and open a new one, but I really don’t think it matters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And “reviews” dictate too much now a days, a lot of ppl just buy them, or have some method to getting fake ones.

Like really some ppl are 5 star and you get sh*t like this:

Mod Note: images with company name removed

Like bro I could whip up something better than this, how do you call yourself a graphic designer? 5 star lmao.

I’m guessing you wouldn’t be saying that if you’d got the orders and done the work to get some? :wink:

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean by this? You have sold 3 gigs of that value already?
Your gigs describe services that are available widely for a lot less and you have no social proof that you do what you say you do. You spend 50% of your gig description trying to debase your competition and explain that all of them are cheap and rubbish - your description does nothing to suggest you do anything better.

That’s an interesting claim. If you could pass on the evidence you have for this claim I will pass it to staff to take action on. Alternatively, don’t make baseless claims to try make yourself seem knowledgeable or something.

Actually, if you got off the high horse for a while you would realise that offlinehelpers has given you good advice. Alternatively, go hire a consultant to get personalised advice to help you with your struggling profile.


Your 1st point is useful thank you.

  1. reviews

  2. I’m not on any type of high horse I appreciate the ability to work at home and I’m willing to get better obviously.

  1. You are welcome, I suggest you also consider adding a lower priced service to kickstart some reviews. Do something that takes less time. If you want to earn $100/hour, offer something that takes you 6minutes for $10. That is more likely to sell for you, as a new seller.

  2. I meant evidence that “the majority” of reviews are fake. All you have done is shown that there are sites that sell reviews. You don’t account for all the accounts which are banned for this activity, nor the fact that any half decent seller is not stupid enough to risk their account in that way.

  3. What you said to offlinehelpers sounded off as did your response to legacine - both of whom gave you good advice which you don’t seem to realise.


I meant the 2nd guy lol

Offlinehelpers isn’t really an official helper. She’s just responding with help out of the goodness of her heart. Can you really fault her for trying?


I’m not a guy, so you were right when you said the first guy…

Good luck.

@somaginer1996 apparently - yes.


Fair enough, thanks

That first point is kinda brilliant.

  1. Again we can discuss reviews all day

  2. Some things were said that may or may not have been 100% what I meant or what he meant but who really cares, his advice wasn’t detailed if at all but I’ve gotten 2-3 good things to implement from this discussion alone so I’m satisfied.