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⚠️ Lots of many Impressions, clicks, but no order!😥

Last 7 days I have lots of impressions and click but no order. see :pleading_face:

my one gig Analytics is

can you help me to check my profile and tell me what is the problem about in my profile and gig.


plz help me guys I am a newbie in Fiverr


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hello 1st i create the post but i don’t understand that why need to approve the post. so i create this post . after that the post is approved.

@wordpress_land im also facing the same & not sure why this happening. did you found anything positive?

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No. But if happen to all i think fiverr gig analytics don’t show correct data.

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its a bitter truth of some time as i have observed

Yes. Can you contact support?

yes i can but i felt after contacting them profile goes down more faster

yes right, I think so