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Lots of new to fiverr $5 buyers lately


I have a huge amount of $5 buyers in the last few days. This is very unusual for me.

And here’s a first for me, one buyer got her delivery and was all excited about it and asked questions to make sure she understood it all, then said she changed her mind and wanted a refund; and began the cancellation process. That’s it, no explanation, just she wanted a refund. I’m lucky to have never run across this before.

So then a long drawn out discussion with her continued where she never said anything but she “needed her money back” then made some threats then kept on saying she has a right to get her money back over and over.

{Just a quick rant.}


I call it the controversial PDP effect.

I bet Fiverr’s marketing team will put the sudden influx of new people down to their ad campaign. As for the issues it brings due to how that publicity worked out…


“In do’ers we TRUST!”

(for $5 :dollar: dollars) :thumbsup:


Kinda risky thing to do considering what you do :slight_smile: ( hands out a stack of sense of humor)


It happens every 3-4 months.

Sales drop considerably, then a new wave of buyers arrive, all of them looking for the cheapest solution, haggling, calling me bro, boss, dude, etc

I’m used to it by now. Plus I only offer like 1 gig that starts at $5, so that’s been working as my personal firewall against bros and dudes. :slight_smile:


@frank_d Hola Senor, can you help me with this? :secret: :wink:


@djgodknows oh no! It has begun! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking of making it a $20 firewall. I really, really just don’t want to deal with these bloody idiots.


@emmaki trust me it works. And the peace of mind you get in return is well worth it!


Encouraging. I have that same old fear that everything will dry up and go away forever if I do! I mean all my prices are $10 but that’s obviously not high enough. Like I have a product decriptions gig. I specifically say something like show me the product/URL.

So I get orders like “this is my shop [], please write a product description. I have lots of work for you if you do a good job!”

I take a look at the shop. Descriptions everywhere. It looks fine. I write back asking whether they would like to select a product or I should just pluck any old thing out randomly.

“Sure! My best sellers are xyz!”

Another one, same gig: “I just need taglines”. THIS IS A PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LADY!

PSA all you have done is made me more expensive, lowered my wordcounts and made them tighter as a collective union of people who work to make me a less happy person in my work. Now you’ve ruined it for other people. Now puck off.


emmaki, I did the $35 “firewall” for all my gigs months ago, but I prefer to call it “perceived value”.

I found that I spent less time/energy and generated the same exact income over a period of time as when my gigs were only $5. It’s like the difference between a street-walker and a high-priced call girl…perceived value! LOL


I denied her cancellation request. She had asked a dozen questions before placing the order, then 3 more after the order was delivered. Her signup date: January 2017.


You’re doing everything right by making Fiverr a good experience for newbies, even if they don’t buy. Don’t stop just because this creep happened to slither across your gig.

The Buyer I taught to navigate the site last week just may be your next big order!


You are lucky to get a bigger order from a new buyer. Mine are always $5 ones. This is in direct contrast to the usual more experienced buyers I get who pay more. They are shocked when I present the suggestion that some extras would help them get more out of the purchase.


Can’t you change your basic price so there is no $5 gig? All my gigs basic prices are $20 so no $5 orders. I use to have $5 orders but the $5 orders always seem to give me the most grief or were never satisfied. They paid $5 but when it was all said and done, I felt like I did $50 worth of work. Yet I could do a $100 gig and have no problems.

I ask to be contacted before ordering the gig. It was always the $5 orders that would not contact me before ordering and 99% of the time they would ask me to do something that was not in the gig or again, ask for $50 worth of work for $5. My cancellation was high for $5 orders.

Finally I broke. Made all my basic prices more than $5. I still get a buyer here and there that will order without first contacting me, but it cut it down dramatically. They think twice about ordering if the basic price is more than $5.

Anyways, food for thought. Your work is surely worth it , so why not change the basic price?


I am to that point with the influx of $5 buyers who are new to the site, and after this one in particular. I do too many cancellations of these $5 orders also because I am not able to communicate with them or they don’t answer my questions.

Until recently it wasn’t a problem. Almost every buyer added extras. Most were experienced fiverr users.

I didn’t want to switch to packages, and didn’t want to have my best gig with it’s good placement change.
If I switch to packages I am afraid of my gigs being moved lower.


I setup a $15 firewall in my category when fiverr rolled out Gig Package, very good to deal with new buyer, most of them will pay for my Standard package $25. No talking, just leave 5 stars review. Bliss.

Work less, earn more. TRS should go for higher price than $5.
Give ‘opportunities’ to the new seller who work their asses off for $5 to build up reputation.

I see some Indonesia fella who are TRS still doing for $5, and they have lots of order queue up. This is not healthy.


It’s important that you have all your changes planned out before making them. CS informed me that Sellers that change their gigs too often can harm their placement in searches, and that’s what happened to me.

When I made the leap to a “firewall” my placement stayed the same, but it’s when I started swapping out my demo video and changing prices because I didn’t plan it out was when my placement was affected. Ironically, my revenue remained constant!

btw- Last month I got a $75 tip for a $105 order!


I think that´s an important point there, I made the mistake of tampering around with my gigs, taking a word away here, adding one there, changing prices until I thought it´s ok for now lol that was when I changed from ‘normal gig’ to packages, and I had a decline in orders, I’m not entirely sure if it was the switch to packages or the resulting ‘unplanned’ changes, or a combination of both, but good to keep that in mind.



You don’t have to switch to packages…I’m not using packages…and still I can set my basic price to what I want.