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Lots of orders....then suddenly none since January

I started on Fiverr mid-2018 and things were slow at first, but then my orders picked up and within a few months I was constantly working through my editing/proofreading gig. That is, until January when an order came in overnight that was beyond the scope of what I offered. I contacted the buyer immediately and I explained this to him, so we mutually agreed to cancel the order. Since that one and only cancellation, I have had zero orders (despite having 100% 5-star feedback for those clients that chose to leave feedback).

Just wondering how I fell off the face of the Fiverr earth. Can anybody offer any helpful advice? My pricing is good as evidenced by the many orders I handled previously, so that’s not the issue. I’m wondering if the cancellation threw off some sort of favorable algorithm or placement I may have had.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello sir , I’m new to the fiverr
And don’t know what happened to you but I will say keep working you’ll be successful .
My best wishes with You :heart: