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Lots of Scams in SEO area

Fiverr should do a much better job of cleaning up the scams in the SEO area… guess there is a lot of service fee revenue because there is no way about 98% of what is sold there is real. If fiverr itself wouldn’t use the service, why let them scam people from within their own market? seems like a great way to doom their product.


Wow. That’s rather offensive to Fiverr – especially since they have a long history of hiring freelancers from their own marketplace to produce their podcast, create graphics, do voiceovers, etc. Let’s not make base claims without knowing the facts first.

In fact, forum people, how about we show @byronmiller who, reading this, has worked with Fiverr to produce things. Let’s show Byron that Fiverr has indeed utilized us for their project needs.


Fiverr hired a freelancer who created their ChatBot on facebook from their own marketplace.

That’s great they hired some freelancers, perhaps they should hold their SEO and marketing section to higher standards. People are littlerally selling links/campaigns/clicks that are all bots, fake profiles, software created junk. I’m not trying to say the entirety of fiverr is bad by any means but the SEO and web marketing sections are scammy and people are being ripped off 5 bucks at a time - some even more so. THere are people selling facebook likes that are bots, twitter likes that are bots, page rank/links that are bots and if not bots the urls they saying they’re getting links for are actually open redirect links so it looks like you have a link but its just a CGI that when you click it takes you to your site. If i was fiverr i’d absolutely hold this section to the same standards that i’d hold others for if fiverr took the advice of these SEO specialists their site(s) would be banned from google.

for this market to be successful there has to be trust. I can’t for the life of me see how people have 3000+ ratings when i know they’re selling JUNK and scamming people who may just not no better but will be penalized by google and bing because the links they’re getting are flagged as spam links. These people aren’t just scamming but are bad for business.

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Worst of all if i leave an honest/knowledgeable review they give me a 1 star buyer feedback so now i’ve just decided to cancel and request refunds to save face… Is that the marketplace you want? (i only chose 2 fivers that had huge ratings to see what they offered and one wanted 570 bucks a month to continue the service which i know is pure fraud). The pattern of every other listing screams fraud too… :frowning:

I agree with you entirely about how the marketplace needs tidying up. However… I will never understand why people but traffic, followers, or things like backlinks?

It just boggles my mind.


I agree… lots of the stuff shouldn’t be there… i priced two “SEOs” that only listed very small batch sizes saying they focused on PR links - not looking for quantity but quality… figuring that they said they charge some clients hundreds to thousands a month that they hopefully shouldn’t be scammy.

its not unheard of to shop around for people to work on a link strategy or get you blog links and then work to sell you a full blown SEO strategy… that apparently isn’t what any of the SEO here is though.

cyaxrex is right. People need to have some idea of what they are buying in this SEO market. Obviously they are clueless. If they want to buy something that, if you think about it, has to be done by bots, and you know the basic fact about search engines that they don’t like this, then you will not buy this kind of gig.

I know someone who bought 80,000 twitter followers and he is quite happy with that.

Fiverr is a platform for sellers. Sellers and buyers connect directly. If people want to buy these services you can look at reviews and see how the sellers are doing and if buyers are happy.

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thats completely misleading though… if the whole bunch is bad out of ignorance i can’t for the life of me see that s a good thing though. 80k twitter followers that don’t do anything isn’t worth 5 bucks and twitter knows if you have 80k followers that don’t interact then you’re not a “mover” and nothing you say will have any impact. You paid for bots, probably computers hacked by malware and hacked accounts to boost a fake number. If enough of the sellers here know this is bad, why even let the crap be offered?

People want to buy it. Let them. People can read the reviews and decide for themselves if it has value based on that. They can take the time to learn the basics of SEO and be informed.

As for the 80,000 twitter followers, it has worked out well for him.

Thats probably your choice. If people are happy with bots whats your issue?. Secondly as buyer its your duty to check the competence level of the seller. If you are buying $500 dollar gig to get likes how could you expect it to be real traffic?. So what i see is lack of homework.

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So Fiver should be “The marketplace for those who know to prey on the gullible”… that does not sound like a long-term success story

That is your opinion. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. As I said, the reviews give you a good idea if people are happy.

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are people really happy with bots or do they just not know yet that they were scammed?

I’m saying its downright fraud to run a marketplace with this kind of thought process behind it. I can’t believe its being defended.

They don’t know they were scammed but you do and based on that they should be shut down. I understand what you are saying but let people take responsibility for their own actions and buy what they want. They have access to the same information you and I have.

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When someone says i need 10000 likes and my budget is $500 so they know it will not be an organic traffic. How could you even imagine such count in few dollars. And many people even ask that they only need likes or traffic regardless from where it is coming.

Thats the conclusion. Do your homework

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Accept reality. I know people here arguing to get unique logo in $15 dollar. So whos issue is here?. seller or buyer. Same goes for digital marketing. It requires huge amount and expertise to make organic traffic which can converge. There are online companies which do this and take $$$ for such purpose.

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I think the problem is that leaving these scammers on Fiverr seems to give them credibility and with the review system closing out reviews in 2 days, no one can leave a credible feedback. One of the scammers has 3000 reviews all 5 stars and if you choose to sort by 1 star reviews the truth comes out. How can ANYONE make a quality purchase if the system is gamed that much to make you think you’re getting something legit?

I’ve even tried finding copy editors and i haven’t found a single copy editor that lives in the US when they SAY they live in the US… their ads looked clean and reviews looked clean but i can clearly tell by the messaging that they’re not even on the same side of the planet as the US… but still looking… i’ll try other freelance sites to find that work.
(doing a reverse image search often shows peoples profile pics are stock art… )