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Lots of spam messages/inboxes?

I’ve gotten probably five or six messages for people offering me like $200 to sign up for a website for them. Every message I get is one of them. They always ask to talk on ■■■■■ or google hangouts. Is there anyway to filter these coming through or anything to do about it? I so far haven’t gotten a single actual gig, only these messages from users.

You can’t do more than hit the report/spam button and hope they’ll eventually run out of spoofed IPs, MACs and such, or realize they are wasting their time because nobody falls prey to their scheme.
Personally, I only report after sending a brief reply because I don’t trust the “this won’t affect your response rate” statement after the experience that it did.

You should get less of these, the longer you are here, as the spammers and scammers usually focus on newer sellers.


Actually, with my experience, it actually does not affect the response rate.

This is very true, spammers always try with newly joined sellers who don’t know how the site works. I saw some newbies done some jobs for buyers without even getting an actual order which is unfortunate.

Sellers on Fiverr must read the ToS before they start working on the platform.

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I also had 2 spammers. One attached a .docx file, and the second one .pdf file, probably with some virus. Fiverr automatically blocked them. It’s important not to click on these files. This is what posted the second one, I took a screenshot. **************.

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Hackers mainly, they are trying to exploit you. Just spam theme and block them. Until they are tired. If they come up with a new technology every time, then it will be close to impossible to block them.

But there is this spam filtering system on fiverr, which I hope already working.