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📢 More 💟 for Forum Users PETITION


To the powers that be at Fiverr Headquarters and Discourse.

This petition is to grant Community Users the liberty to use hearts and lots of :heart: freely. I and others find ourselves :broken_heart: heartless before the day even begins. Sometimes, when I use 2 or 3 hearts, I get the dreaded please wait 1 hour before trying again. Please, we humbly ask you wonderful folks to come to a happy medium concerning forum :heart_decoration:.

Thanks for your time & consideration!

Edit - Can’t edit the poll after 5 minutes. This option should read…
YES! Keep things the way they are Bwahahahahaha.

  • YES! Fiverr & Discourse limitless hearts for all.
  • YES! Fiverr & Discourse increase the threshold.
  • YES! I’m heartless right now, I need some LOVE.
  • NO! Keep the heartless hearts broken.
  • NO! Keep things the way there are Bwahahahahaha.
  • IDC! I don’t care I don’t use them at all.

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Shouldn’t this be moved to the forum feedback category? :smiley: I mean, nobody high enough (in position, not weed) will see this while in conversations…


Uh huh… Post moved to Forum Feedback! :grinning:

More :coffee: for me.


Came back from grocery shopping which was apparently just enough time to gain 1 heart to like your OP, now again a 40 minute wait lol have another :coffee: instead of a heart for the other post.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Geesh, what an attitude :frowning:

As far as I see it, this is actually a valid poll for a valid suggestion regarding the Forum’s functionality.

If you think it’s useless, why have you landed here and spent time writing a post here in the first place? :smiley:


Wow, bad mood?


Well, that user actually gave me an idea for another suggestion: a Dislike feature :smiley:

Oh my, that’s a new user with just 3 posts created including this one, makes me question the reason why they’ve wrote that in the first place… maybe they’re not having enough sales due to Fiverr’s tests, while we have fun with hearts? Just saying…


Go for it!

That’s what Forum Feedback suggestions are for.


That function was around latter part of last year for a very short period.:broken_heart:

It was called voting down and was in red.

It was ugly. It had to go. :slightly_frowning_face:


Yeah, I can see the multitude of abuses on such a feature…


I’m gonna have to brew a larger cup of coffee so that you can have some as well :wink:


Thanks! That would be much appreciated!


So that was a valid question? I mean seriously?


Spreading some LOVE @offlinehelpers, @miiila, @misscrystal, @gina_riley2, @Woofy31, @n4y33m, @saddu_writer, @wp_kid, @zeeshan_tirmizi, @myskillsforsale.

FYI~ I can only mention 10 users in a post, gotta split it up!

Thanks for your votes!

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Spreading more LOVE @uk1000, @sabbirmondol. Oh and @fonthaunt and @djgodknows you get lots-o-WUV too. :smile:

Thanks for your votes!

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I have this much on the keyboard, if you want more, I can make some :sparkling_heart: :smile: