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Love exchange topic


hi guys i am seeing that many people are exchanging their love between each other and they are saying that if love increase for a gig, the gig rank will also increase. i have a question for that. will that increase the gig rank? and if i exchange the love will that harm my profile???

Mod Note: Getting lots of fake favorites (love/hearts) will not help in any way.


Short answer: NO

Just so you know :heart: Favoriting gigs means nothing. It’s a feature that buyers use if they are window :shopping_cart: shopping or just want to add Sellers to their fave lists. You will not gain a thing by :heart:ing other Sellers gigs and vice versa.


thank you very much:grinning::grinning:


I think that pressing the favorite button is nice and it will add sellers/buyers to a list for easy access, so a complete search for a service is not always necessary and the favorite button is like a shortcut


One time on google I came across my favorites list for all to see. I think they are hidden now.


i love this topic …new seller must know
thank you all…