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Love Fiverr but don't like some recent developments


I love Fiverr. I have been doing it part-time for about four years now, and it is a great way to work on my skills and make some extra cash. I have prided myself on giving five-star gigs. I have over 400 five star reviews, and if a buyer is not happy, then I always work hard to make sure they are. In the past, you would have someone that was never going to be happy and if it was just a basic gig I would just refund them no-harm-no-foul.

Recently I’ve had a string of people with insane expectations that I’ve tried hard to meet without doing hundreds of dollars of work for a basic gig. One guy, who said he was happy in a message, gave me a three star just because and when I offered a modification or a refund he just went quiet. I contacted Fiverr through the resolve and they told me I could refund the money but the rating would stay. WHAT? Then I had another person you loved my work so much that they gave me a tip…and then a four star rating. Reason given? “I never rate anything five stars, nothing personal.”

The WORST case is I had a buyer buy from me recently who was great to deal with and I even gave them a bit extra because they were starting out in comedy (my main gig is writting comedy) and I wanted to be supportive. They wrote me and told me they were happy. Gave me a TWO star rating and went on a rant in the review about how I took too long (Was well within the deadline) and the jokes weren’t funny (They were.) I even offered free of charge modification and they went cold.

Come to find out it’s ANOTHER comedy seller on Fiverr intentionally trying to drive my rating down for their gig to rank above mine.

I’m just having a bit of a rant, as that’s the point of this section of the forum. I’ll keep working and doing right by other sellers as I flick clients that I don’t have time for or who I think will be better suited to other sellers all the time. It’s just disheartening when you’ve worked hard to have a good reputation on here and a few bad apples can try and ruin it. Honestly, feels that Fiverr sides a lot more with the buyers than sellers. Especially with the refund/removes review part.

Thanks for reading.


I hate this horrible change too. But I will tell you what is my conspiracy theory behind all of this.

It’s all about money.

Previously you could cancel the order, so your bad review would disappear. But Fiverr’s revenue too. And they have change it because now when you know that the review cannot be cancelled you won’t do it because there is no point. So the review stays as well as money paid by a customer, so Fiverr will not loose the money. And that’s my theory.


There is also the simple fact that many bad sellers (and buyers) were gaming the old system. Buyers threatening to change reviews if extra, free work was carried out. Sellers delivering generally poor work and refunding at the first sign of trouble. Both of these were causing issues, and now they’re not so much. Of course, there are new issues to replace the old issues.

Besides, it’s been a while since a simple cancellation dumped a bad review–you had to get the buyer’s permission previously. Guess how that got gamed? Aye, right, making it sound like removing a bad review was part of the deal of “get yo’ money back.”. Cue ranting buyer on forum screeching about credits, not having their money back and worst of all the buyer getting away scot-free with nothing to show for it! (& variants)

So yeah, sure, it’s all about the money, but poor behavior on both sides leads to draconian measures. As for less than perfect reviews, I suck 'em up unless they’re clearly written by someone on drugs living in a parallel universe when it comes to actual events. Oddly enough, they always get removed.

In any other place, a 4-star review is fine. It’s 80%, for Christ’s sake. Just beat them up with your own review and move on. One top complaint about Fiverr for a long time has been about how awful the review system was. It still needs a lot of work (and honestly, OP, if you can prove that this was done in an anti-competitive spirit, go check the TOS as you’re protected, at least in writing), but it’s going in the right direction.

@djgodknows just take the 1 off his name. It’s some technical thing that happens when you change emails, or something.


Nope. Still here. When they updated the form my username in the forum got a 1 for some reason. My account of latenitemedia is still there and will be.

As I said I love fiverr am Im just venting some frustrations.


Probably correct. I get that it’s a business but an even spread of love is all that’s asked.


Thanks for your feedback, Emma. I’ve taken the information to support and I’m just waiting on a response.

I get that four is still good but would you rather buy from someone in a crowded seller’s market that had good reviews or perfect reviews? It makes a difference. However, small.


@latenitemedia1 It has been noted by the moderators and the person who responded to you that the account removal message was a mistake. No harm, no foul! This thread has been reviewed and is considered controversial but in the correct Ranting category.


@emmaki maybe you are right, but you just assumed that Fiverr cares about this whole part about bad reviews, bad seller’s work and so on, which is - from my point of view - totally irrelevant for them. The primary directive (Aye aye, captain) of every businesses including Fiverr is “Earn as much money as you can using as less resources as you can”. And this recent change support this.


Not really, the money stays in the Fiverr ecosystem no matter if you cancel an order or not. The buyer is never refunded to their payment source.

It’s more to do with the fact that people are gaming the system for good ratings by buying silence. This creates an unbalanced marketplace for the rest of you.

What you’ll see going forward is a true reflection of the services offered and the ratings of them. It’s a positive change for buyers and sellers once you thin about it, poor sellers get pushed down the rank and buyer are shown more quality services to buy, Work hard, deliver a great product and you’re sure of success.

That’s not to say everyone is going to receive 100% good ratings, if you’ve delivered great work, sometimes you’re going to get bad buyers and you should be protected by customer support or your success manager in those instances.


Agree. Seller protection is non-existent these days. Blackmailing, threats, demands and being ignorant is all okay! And most of all, the feedback system is totally messed up. You could order a gig that gives 1 article and in the review say “I received only 1 article” and the review would stay. Most likely the seller would offer free articles on top as well. Previously you could handle malicious buyers like those with a mutual cancellation, which was such a simple solution.

I sent a list of simple suggestions to CS that would dramatically improve the seller experience for everyone. They forwarded the suggestions to the dev team. If no changes will be made, I’m seriously thinking about quitting next year until sellers are valued more!


Heeeey! Welcome to the boat guy :slight_smile:This month has been absolutely ridiculous with those types of clients. I had one guy that ordered a set of 7 videos from us but neglected to pay for the background change. He clearly wanted a different background than the standard one and he thought it was insane of me to charge for something “so simple”. I actually didnt ask him for more $$ I simply told him that we gave about $70-$300+ worth of free stuff to him for the videos and that future orders would come with an extra cost. I thought I was being nice by not hassling the guy and canceling his order or even popping up a little box for him to accept the +$70 charge or he wouldnt get diddly squat… Apparently , no… he was so stuck on why we would value our services at a different cost than what he wanted to pay for them… So his rating was 3 stars. At that point I just told him to go to hell :slight_smile: Sometimes you reach a breaking point… but really these people need to understand that they can’t come here and make their own rules. Clearly the person didnt read the gig and it’s costs. I just happened to be recording that night and didnt want to end up cancelling on an order that had been placed for a day or 2 already at the time. Aside from that … I think its my 3rd rating thats less than 5 stars out over over 3 or 400.

Conclusion: You can’t please everyone , so don’t try. And if they are too much of a pain… Sometime I can’t help but tell them to go to hell. They’ll be able to leave a bad rating on your gig no matter what. So may as well mark their profile with a bad rating as well so as to warn other SELLERS that the person is a derp.

I’ve turned down orders from sellers with less than 80% rating… It’s just a good business practice.


The best suggestion I can think of to avoid 85% or 90% of OUR problems specifically would be to simply allow sellers to outright cancel an order within a 24h period if they don’t want to take it.

This would allow us to cancel orders that the buyer has not paid enough for or if they don’t have their materials uploaded at the time of creating the order … or whatever the case… If I don’t want to do the job requested , I should be able to reject it. Anything else is just ridiculous really. Makes it feel like pre-school or something. I think it’s because fiverr wants that $$ to go from the buyer’s bank into fiverr’s platform lickity split … And so they dont care if its really rejected or whatever in the end… That buyer will most likely have to spend that money on – If anyone can think of a better reason that doesnt sound so nasty… I’m all ears… O_o.

It would just save a LOT of support tickets if we could cancel within a 24h period from anyone who ordered. (restricted for 24h delivery gigs perhaps)



Are you sure. I had at least 2 cases when buyer did receive his money back on his PayPal account.


And this is the best idea. Totally agree.

This is maybe true for your industry where there is almost no gray areas - you will deliver your product or not - black or white, true or false. In other areas, like graphic design you just can’t tell clearly that something is good or not good (most cases) because it’s all about aesthetics. I’ve seen many, many examples of “bad work” in other sellers which were reviewed very good (5 stars, ah’s and oh’s) and in the same time I’ve seen many amazing, beautiful works evaluated very bad. In some industries it’s highly subjective.


Positive, Unless of course your buyer opened a dispute with PayPal. Then in that case they would have their money back to their account, but in the event of a mutually cancelled order or customer support cancellation, fiverr only return the payment back to the buyers Fiverr Balance.


That is true of course, Fiverr will never return the money if they are not forced to do so (PayPal, CreditCard). That’s why they have provided Bitcoin payments (I think it is still there) because BTC payments are irreversible.


I think there’s a slight nuance there. The buyer is allowed to have a refund to their payment source one time. After that, they cannot formally request to have their money sent to their payment source, but unofficially, they can do a chargeback, but that will lead to an account ban.


But that, I think, for a buyer is not a big deal. He could easily create a new account, even it’s against ToS.


Design is very subjective I agree.


My problem with it Ozzie is that the ratings hold so much weight at times. And you can’t argue that some buyers (1 out of 100 or 200 at least it seems) are really operating with screws loose , for lack of better words there. It’s those that can misshape the community with bad reviews. This wouldn’t be a problem if support would properly assess these situations rather than stick to the cold hard rule of … almost doing nothing at all unless the buyer is insulting you or something. It’s the ones that seem cordial but are maybe ordering improperly or expecting you to move mountains for $5. The ones that don’t read your pricing or expect certain things for free “because they got it from another seller for free” … and will rate you less than 5 stars for reasons that dont accurately reflect your services.

It really comes down to , sellers need a bit more support. I think It would only serve fiverr better as a company/platform/marketplace to make sure their star sellers are shining properly. It only takes a few problem buyers to really leave some lasting damage on your gigs it feels like. They should understand that the marketplace gathers people from all over the world and $5 here is more like $15 elsewhere… and some buyer’s dont factor this in properly… resulting in poor expectations no matter what.

This is evident when we find ourselves haggling over a $5 upcharge and the client gets sour over something that generally would be costing them $50-$100 more elsewhere. Not ranting here necessarily , just telling you how it feels in about 5-6 years of dealing business here. It seems the expectation from sellers is just a bit off. But support seems only willing to help you in the most extreme cases. For example , one of our only and latest bad reviews … I didnt bother to even report the guy. I felt that support would not even understand the main problem and would allow the rating to stand. The problem there , is the review doesnt accurately reflect anything about our service as it was a complaint about one of the “costs” that I didnt even attempt to charge them on that order. So he was upset that future orders from us would be a bit more. So much for offering free stuff - Again expectations and how buyers value their sellers/services here is a bit off.

I hope that made a good point instead of being ranty. If anyone has their own ideas as to why some buyers just want to be like the OP said “I never rate anyone 5 stars…nothing personal” … and how things like that should be allowed to stand as a legitimate rating on your gig… I’m all ears.