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Love Fiverr - Hate Fiverr?!

Hi everyone!! There are pros and cons to everything. What is the thing you love the most about Fiverr and like the least about Fiverr?? And go…


Waiting 2-3 weeks for funds to clear.


As a buyer, I hate buyer requests.

  • close to 90% are boilerplate replies
  • bids are mostly made by newbies who haven’t yet figured out how Fiverr works and they don’t have enough reviews to evaluate their service quality

As a seller, I love buyer requests

  • low competition as experienced sellers don’t have time for it and you’re mostly competing against mindless templates
  • you get to pick your buyer meaning you can do some research before you make an offer. Less troublesome buyers who purchase your gig without properly reading it or contacting you first

I love the system, you can excel easily if you are good at something… I love the 10 free bids I get daily… most of my work is coming from my previous clients or I get from BR…

I hate my selling price is quite low here as compared to other platforms, mind set of buyers here is that you get everything for $5 which is not quite true…some buyers are in search of either very low price work… I don’t get clients randomly, because my GIGs are down in the last pages, but I do get some new client every now and then… I am not good at promoting at my GIGs…


Do you take the time to write custom offers/responses for buyer requests?

Yes and I’d say about every third offer gets at least a reply back. Then again I send maybe 4-5 offers a week because I’m really picky about the requests I respond to :slight_smile:

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I hate spammers on Fiverr!
Love the way I can interact and help people so far away that physically not possible to reach. :blush:


[details=For 433]Whoa. You changed your profile pic! You look much older.

I can’t call you “the kid” anymore. Shucks, I’ll have to come up with something else.

Humm, I see another poll coming . . . [/details]


  • Love saving $$ :grinning:
  • Hate getting unsolicited custom offers :neutral_face:

Don’t worry! For me, it takes 5 minutes to become a kid again :wink:


I have this problem too.



You look different,I like your old profile more.


I love the Forums and the variety of jobs I can get here.

But I HATE having to wait two weeks for funds to clear,
I greatly DISLIKE that there’s not a better Review system, one that encourages buyers to review, and
I very much DISLIKE that I only get 10 BRs/day. I could use at least 15 since I get so few actual orders from them. (and yes, I DO tailor my responses to each and every one I laboriously write up).
I also DESPISE how unhelpful CS is in regards to helping with inaccurate/unfair Reviews, especially when it can be proven to be faulty.
Lastly, I DETEST how long it takes for videos/audio to get approved, leaving my gigs soundless for a day or more; I always UL them to YouTube/SoundCloud and put the link on the gig, but there’s no guarantee that a potential buyer will go through the trouble of going there to look and/or listen.


Tee_hi I totally agree with you about the down time while waiting for my gig revision is approved. That is big for me because I need to keep tweaking it as I gain knowledge and expierience. But I do like the fact that it is a global market so I have more of a chance of getting gigs and improving my skills in real time.


What I love about Fiverr.

  1. Don’t have to sent proposals like other freelance websites. Make a gig sit back and relax.
  2. Get money in advance.
  3. Has Active forum.
  4. Vacation mode is perfect.
  5. User interface of website is good.

What I hate about Fiverr.

  1. Customer support is not responsive. (for me)
  2. Bugs bugs and more bugs.
  3. Spammers spamming my inbox and sellers spamming buyer request.
  4. confused buyers.
  5. TOS is way too much strict than it should be.

Hate that 2 weeks clearing period.

@silkroute silky smooth :joy::clap:t2:


Vacation mode is perfect. but wonder once we back to fiverr what about our listing rating that we earn so far is getting low.

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I love almost everything of Fiverr, but I really hate the spammers sending custom offers and the users who order a big amount by “mistake” many times :unamused:


Hey I’m not aware of the listing rating getting low. What is it about?

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No love no hate
but for now i just wanna shout because $99 from my account has been withdrawn without my permission and has been sent to an id from payoneer with in just 15 minutes? :frowning:


When we are getting good star rating and when we are delivering our work on time fiverr bringing our gig page by page up. (I think) activating vacation mode will affect to that.

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