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Love-hate relationship with coffee and caffeine

I have always had a love-hate relationship with coffee and caffeine. When I regularly drink it, I think it would be better for my health and my career to not drink it, and when I don’t, it goes the other way round.

It has been 42 hours since I last drank coffee, and I am having a very strong migraine. I have been drinking pots of it without a single day off since November 2015.

What do you think? Should I continue with my withdrawal or would it be beneficial if I go back to drinking it?


Nothing wrong with coffee…just have fewer cups a day, don’t give it up.


Biologically, some people do not process it fast. They can get severe symptoms from it. I am one of those people. I have had a DNA test which showed that genetically I can’t process caffeine well. I sometimes get heart palpitations from it. I still like it and drink it sometimes. It depends on how it affects you.

I went for the past year without any caffiene and in the past two weeks have been drinking one small cup every morning and enjoy it very much but don’t plan to make it a permanent habit.

I recommend you cut down on it and have one or two cups a day at the most.

Do not drink instant coffee. It contains harmful chemicals used in the processing that can cause cancer.


I also have a problem with coffee :grimacing: The only coffee I can process is that from coffee chocolate, and from iced coffee, mmm. Pitty that Winter is Coming :eyes:

Oh snap, iced coffee is based on instant coffee :exploding_head:

Well, considering that it’s the only coffee that doesn’t do me any immediate harm, I’ll keep using :eyes:

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This is on a par with asking Doctor Google! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to drink coffee, eat cheese, walk a tightrope - it’s entirely up to you!


Do as you please. If you cut back or quit coffee/caffeine all at once, headaches and such will be bad.

If you choose to slow down or stop just do it slow. Cut back by a half cup for 2-3 days, then cut a bit more, repeat until you are where you want. Tapering off reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms. (This works with other substances too.)


You should not go cold turkey. Maybe build it off slowly. Just one cup of coffee when you get out of bed?

I can’t say the same though I will just keep drinking my coffee. I think it’s also culture I think. As you can see The Netherlands is in the top 3 of coffee consumption!

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Being a gout patient, I daily take coffee it helps to keep my uric acids within limits, as it is diuretics … Having said that, I keep it limited to 1 cup a day…


Instant coffee is high in acrylamide, a chemical compound that has been shown to cause cancer in animals. According to the Food and Drug Administration, acrylamide can also cause nerve damage. Acrylamide happens naturally in certain foods during high-temperature heating.

There are benefits to coffee drinking. Instant coffee contains magnesium but there are better ways to get it.

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So even Coffee has a chance to cause cancer now? Damn…

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That was about instant coffee, not brewed coffee.

Dietary acrylamide may play a role in Alzheimer’s

Scientists have known for years that acrylamide is capable of causing nerve damage in humans, including muscle weakness and impaired muscle coordination, particularly from industrial exposure to large levels of the chemical. Now, new laboratory studies suggest that chronic dietary exposure to the chemical is capable of damaging nerve cells in the brain and could potentially play a role in the development of neurodegenerative disease,

So coffee we get at Starbucks / Cafe Coffee Day is brewed coffee…

Coffee we make at home such as Nescafe Classic is instant coffee?

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Right, so I am safe, instant coffee sucks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Instant coffee FTW :crazy_face: brewed coffee sucks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


You sound like my dad, which happens to be a food scientist, your opinion is the same as when he speaks to me while I make my Nescafe frappe.


You just had to mention my precious :heart_eyes:

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Yes. I drank Nescafe Classic and saw that it is the highest with that dangerous chemical.
It’s seriously dangerous.

I stick to mostly water now, and filter it first. And I drink about two quarts a day. I make fruit smoothies also. I like frozen mango, peaches and strawberries with ice in a blender.


Tempting, isn’t it?


What do you suggest as a replacement? Brewed coffee - do you have any examples of good brands that make that?

Yes brewed coffee is much better due to not having that chemical. I’m not a coffee drinker usually so I can’t recommend anything. I go out every morning to a restaurant and sit outside and drink a cup of brewed coffee for the past two weeks. It’s amazing the level of morning alertness I feel from it, which is very nice.

Boiled coffee, the kind where you put the ground directly into the boiling water and let it steep for a while, contains a huge amount of cholesterol unfortunately, since that is my favorite type. All coffee has some cholesterol but that is the worst for it.