Love is in the air!


Attention all Fiverr-ers in love.

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us!

In the spirit of all thinks lovey-dovey, we want to meet your special someone.

So whether it’s your boy/girlfriend, wife/husband or anything in between - upload a picture of the two of you in the thread below, and tell us about about yourselves.

How long are you together?

How did you meet?

why are they so special to you?

Looking forward to seeing all those happy couples out there.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I love your story and the pic. I wasn’t brave enough to put a funny pic of me and my boyfriend, but yours is so sweet! Congrats on having such a long and beautiful marriage! :slight_smile:


This is me and my boyfriend 3 years ago. We’ve been together 4 years now (well, it’s gonna’ be 4 on 21st of January).

We were at the same school since 1st grade and we became colleagues and best friends in high school. This is a good example of how the “friendzone” can definitely be overpassed, ha ha!

I started dating him in 11th grade and we’re together, in love and very happy ever since. :slight_smile:


My True Love and I

Ours might be the wackiest story.

For me it all began when I was in 2nd Grade, I had a crush on this Boy in the senior Choir.

10yrs later God/ fate or whatever you may call it had it for us to meet once again, I was a total Rebel with my Goth attire, long black hair and pincushion face “piercings” and he, well he was just the total opposite, a youth worker/ leader at a local church. And where would we meat…at a Bike Rally :">

His dad thought I was the Devil and my parents thought he was sent from Heaven…so did I.

Almost 8yrs later…we’re happily married for 6yrs and have a beautiful soon to be 2yr old daughter. Against all the odds, we’re still going strong…

He saved me from myself…and I will forever pay him back with my Love


Reply to @arnevb: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


That’s me & my boy. We’re together 7 years now, engaged since Feb 10, 2012.

We met at work, & were friends for a few months before falling in love.

Below there’s my cat sitting on my desk (his fav spot), we found him on the street and we have him since then. He’s also 7.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Nice. Congrats.


I’m married with my wife from almost ten years, we have two wonderful children and life smiles to us !!! Hope this will be this way for many many years more…


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: your posts are always funny and interesting!!! What a picture!!! Compliments :slight_smile:


Send some pictures guys (there may be a surprise in store for those that do) - ssshhhh


Love it! Keep 'em coming!


So many beautiful couples here… I still haven’t found my soulmate yet, so I envy you all guys, but at the same time I couldn’t be more happy for you all :slight_smile:

I’d say that we should see what couple has more Likes in here and congratulate them somehow on Valentine’s day :slight_smile: Just a thought…


Reply to @Woofy31:

Hmm… that’s a nice thought.

Oh and if you like, I will help you find your soulmate… for $5

JK =p


This is me and my Hubby. We got married last year. We’ve been togt since 5 years now.

This pic was clicked on a BSB concert - yeah, i know i know… no one listen to them no more. hehe. lol.


Reply to @doodlevector: :)) you’re funny. thanks for the offer :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @nancy_chr: I laughed when I saw your cat :)) . I didn’t read your post at first, so I saw your pic and thought “aww, so cute” and then I saw the cat and I thought “whaaat?”. Sorry, but I thought it was funny. Congratulations for getting engaged! Sending you my best wishes! :slight_smile:

carlaism said: and then I saw the cat and I thought "whaaat?"

Haha isn't he awesome? He just loooves sitting in front of the pc screen when i try to work on my fiverr orders, and I have to do various maneuvers to reach the keyboard.


Reply to @carlaism: haha, that was exactly my first reaction, because I looked at the photos prior to reading :)) had a great laugh myself, it really was unexpected :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @nancy_chr: he’s lovely! :smiley: and you guys are so awesome! :heart::heart:


Reply to @nancy_chr: He is awesome indeed! My cat used to do the same thing (have’t had a cat for years though). He also had a magical ability of turning off the computer from the keyboard. Up until this day, I haven’t mastered that technique, ha ha!