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Love Love Love this new messaging feature!

I tell buyers all of the time, please message me in the order page, not in the inbox and the order page. :slight_smile: Some buyers even like to place an order, send all of the info, and then go to the inbox to tell you they placed an order…lol.
Now, if they have an order with you, and you go to the inbox, it says “You have an open order with this seller” and gives them the option to go to the order to send the message, or continue to send in the inbox. Hopefully this will eliminate much of this as it’s something that will help streamline messaging and I personally am grateful for this wonderful feature…
Nice job team!

DTong (TRS)

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Tried attaching a screenshot, if someone has one, post it! :slight_smile:

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Use photobucket or a similar image service, the attachment feature is still broken on the forum.

To balance out your love, I think it’s OK, I’d prefer the team wok on fixing old useful features as well as helpful new features. I’m also now wondering just how many people would–with their impaired decision-making–decide that no, this message “matched up more” with the inbox conversation.

My tip: Just copypaste whatever important details you need to know at a glance into your offer if it’s a custom gig. Even if you make it REALLY CLEAR THAT RELELVANT INFORMATION SHOULD BE PROVIDED UPON ACCEPTANCE OF THE ORDER some will say “you can see the info in our messages” or something.

It’s worth remembering that you’re getting paid at this point as you sigh deeply…

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Yup that’s a cool new feature

This is definitely useful if you are working with the same person on many different projects at once.

You can update and communicate about individual projects in a seamless way.

Just another nice feature that makes Fiverr one of the most awesome marketplaces to do business!