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Love on Fiverr

Has anybody been proposed by the client over Fiverr? Or, you both fell in love with each other. Kindly share your experiences of love, flirt or any interesting encounter with the client…

That’s funny :))

Reply to @kay2809: I know! Kind of unique topic… :wink:

Reply to @ryan9999: But I do know a couple. Both of them are TRS here. oranje… something username.

Reply to @kay2809: Both are buyers?

Reply to @ryan9999: Both Sellers. Forgot to add that. Not saying that they met on fiverr though.

Ok, well what If I fall, in Love with someone. How to add the contact no of that person???

Reply to @ryan9999:

hmmm, have you been bit by the love bug?

Reply to @ryan9999: I wouldn’t advise you on that. What if you end up being kicked from here saying that this was my idea [-(

Reply to @feltonlegal: Unfortunately, yes :frowning:

Reply to @kay2809: Dude, I hope now it is apparent to you that why I started the discussion. Please advice something!!

Reply to @ryan9999: Do you think I am dating guru or something ? Why would I be sitting on forums ? :-q

Although there are some “Relationship advice” gigs here on fiverr. You are free to try those.

Anyway. You seem to be bitten by that bug already. Is that person a seller or buyer?

Reply to @kay2809: Haha! I know I am at fate bt atleast thanks for replying Man

I have had several clients say, “Landon, I love you” maybe I didn’t take it the right way?

Reply to @landongrace: lol! so any specific experience you wanna share?

Reply to @kay2809: I guess she is both…

Now that I think about it, I need to dig through my mail and see if I can get to :“Second Post”.

I’m married.

Reply to @landongrace: Nice Sir. Respect!