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Love spell reviews


Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has bought a love spell from ********* and whether anyone can report whether it truly works or not? Thanks for any help guys!

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I did not see which seller you asked about. However, I would go with the seller with the most 5 :star: reviews. As for me, I have been married to the love of my life for 48 years, so I do not need a :heart: spell. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For people who are into that sort of thing, I would think that’s a very personal experience. It’s kind of like asking if prayer works. If you are intrigued and can afford that sort of service, test it for yourself.


I bought a love spell once but it went horribly wrong. For the past 6-years I’ve been stalked by Jennifer Garner. It was flattering at first, obviously. However, now it’s just creepy.

By all means see if it works for you. Just make sure that your chosen spellcaster offers some kind of anti-cupid package in case things go awry.


Why not contact the seller directly and see what they say? This is a strange way of trying to get references. Look through a lot of their feedback.

I have experience with this and a lot of reviews and happy clients who had me cast love spells for them.


@fonthaunt’s Reply is perfect.
It is a personal experience. I do not believe in these things, so MY answer to the following question would be a big bold NO.

But again, test it for yourself.