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Love spells and witchcrafts


Has anyone here ever tried these things? have they worked out for you or having someone to cast love spells creates a false idea that that person you love has falled in love with you boosting your confidence towards him/her?

In short, do you really believe in this? I have fallen in love with a co-worker, I know she is dating a guy but I can’t supress my feelings but Im too shy to even talk to her during break or after work.

How long these spells last? Any thoughts on this?


Caution: Personal opinion.

Man, This is the 21st century, and We are sending people to Mars, Watching billions of years of past through telescope. And here you are, talking about spells and witches. :expressionless:


Are you saying they are fake?
What about these sellers who cast spells, are they scamming?


It depends on the customers and their belief! Like the Religions!


I see, so in your opinion they don’t work :cry:


@oscar_98 this will be a heated debate because there are many spell casters on Fiverr.

I suggest asking your question on a different forum. If you want to hear my personal opinions you can PM me but I’m on the forum to help not to give my opinion.

Sorry about my bluntness I see a recipe for a disaster :slight_smile:


Are we sending people to Mars, or are they only talking and making future plans?
Also, watching distant stars and planets, qualifying them only on the basis of how many times the lights blink and for how long.


I cast love spells. I’m not going to get into an argument here but please feel free to look at my reviews and in particular the PDF page I have on my love spell gig where I post a few of the many messages I get every day from happy clients.

It’s easy to sit back and say things like “they don’t work” when you know nothing about the subject and are making an assumption.

It’s offensive to say an entire category is all scammers when once again you are making a big ill informed assumption.

Why would anyone think it’s ok to blindly throw out a statement that everyone in a particular category are scammers, any more than everyone from a particular country are all scammers, or any other group of people?

If you look at all the reviews from all the sellers in the category my gigs are in, you will see LESS bad reviews than almost any other category, and MORE happy positive reviews.

If you want to see a category of sellers full of scammers, based on bad reviews, you can look at several other categories than the ones my spell gigs are in.


What if I said to you "Are logo makers scamming? " Based on all the complaints of them I see on the forum it would make more sense to ask that question.



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No Comment…


That will cost you money. Money makes money.


AH yeah i know
at least 1 time pay, then after that, I just set everyday and waiting for the money to fallout…


It depends on the customers and their beliefs.

Spells do not depend on belief. They work even if you don’t believe in them at all.

Sometimes even after they work the person still does not believe the spell made it happen.
They become financially secure against all odds, or have the love of their life marry them against all odds, but still do not give the spells credit. No matter what happens people will refuse to believe in them even if they had them work a miracle.


She just contacted me
but don’t know if this true or not


You might come across certain circumstances that could lead to making money.


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I purchased the Big money and aura cleansing spell together (with 3 candles & coven cast) and I cannot tell you how much movement I saw within 5 days. Was flooded with job inquiries and all of a sudden old long outstanding payments started coming in. I know this is only the beginning and can’t wait to see these spells fully manifest! Thank youu! <3

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That is a solid review right there.