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Love spells that people have tried

Okay this question is for people who have attempted love spells or any other spell. I just want the answer if it worked or if it did not where did they find the caster info who were they and how much it was along with details of obtaing one and of the results thank you


I assume you mean here on Fiverr?

I don’t sell in that area here, but I’m a lifelong Pagan, tarot reader, etc. I can tell you no reputable magic worker is going to guarantee results, particularly with love spells. The only kind I can ethically endorse are those that are intended to draw a compatible mate - unnamed, and that’s important! - towards you. Naming a specific person for a love spell, particularly if they haven’t shown any inclination towards that with you, is kind of gross - it’s the spiritual equivalent of a roofie in terms of intention. Looking at it from a logical standpoint, is that really how you want to begin a life with that person? By manipulating or compelling them? Not if you want something lasting!

Might want to look into a charm-maker, or someone that will burn a candle with the intention of drawing a compatible partner to you, that’d be my best suggestion.


Having been someone who earned their living as a Tarot Reader I would second that anyone offering Spells that claim to deliver specific results - like Brad Pitt falling in love with you (tempting as that may be) is practicing the Black Arts, or to put it simply a scammer.

This is baked by law in most countries in that you cannot sell “medicine” that does not have reasonably proven outcomes. I am confident that any number of VVitches we gather will not change the course of Brad Pitt’s ardor for you. Even if they did, it would be wrong because Brad’s attraction to you would not be genuine and would fade when the influence wore off. Bad for Brad. Bad for you when he wakes up and says, who is this person and why am I here. Followed quickly by driving home to Angelina (who is apparently quite tiny and friendly - according to a drone pilot I know who did some work on a film she was in)

If you are struggling in the McLovin department, you can only work on you. Bugger - I know.

You can sit with a person with skills in finding pathways or patterns and have them explained to you. This is what I did. To make that work you really need to be open to hearing the message the inside you is trying to tell the outside you. You then need to make changes that allow new pathways to open.

You can also try the less involved pathway of affirmations by saying “I am lovable” over and over but that can backfire if whilst repeating the word lovable you show yourself images of how ugly, hated, useless, pathetic etc you have a habit of thinking you are as all that does is reinforce the bad thought that are getting in your way of being able to be loved.

IMO Candles etc are in-between and akin to #1 in the Alcoholics Anon program which is to surrender what you cannot comprehend/control to a higher power. This lets you then focus on what you can do like eat a decent meal, go learn partner dancing, woodwork, rifle cleaning, crocheting macramé socks for midget lemmings (who never seem to need them for very long)…

Make your own good luck.



Years ago I bought a spell gig out of desperation.
My cat ran away.

He was a popular seller with good reviews, so I bought his gig.
It was something like “I’ll make your wish come true.”
Now while I would never ask something clearly unrealistic like “I want Orlando Bloom or Chris Evans to appear at my doorstep,” (that would be quite nice though) I thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy the gig.

Long story short, yes, my cat DID come home about 3 weeks later, but that was the result of me and my mother walking around the house for hours with cat food in our hands, calling out his name. We would see him sitting on the fence, on the top of the neighbor’s car etc, but he just absolutely refused to come home. We had to set a trap at one point.
Once he came back in the house, he gave us this “what took you guys so long to let me in the house” look and was relaxing on my bed. Yeah, he was a bit of a jerk.

I don’t think my cat came home because of the spell, it was purely through hard work, so…
well, not sure what to say.
I’d like to believe that some of those spells do work for some people. Or in some cases???


He is a cat.

Ours poops on the floor every couple of days and acts as if he tolerates us only because he is too lazy to do otherwise.



I love this entire comment.

There was a fairly recent post on here made by someone who spent a lot of money to make a certain person in their life fall in love with them. It didn’t work, they were pissed and would mention ethics a lot. How it was unethical to offer a service like this while, apparently, buying it and wanting to influence another human-being in such a way was totally cool. I found it very ironic.

I illustrate Tarot decks and I love the experience and the people involved (the readers, the witches, etc.) Not specifically because they pay me.

I haven’t tried spells myself but I have a few family members who tried sobriety spells (a big thing where I live, the only rehab available to some). They usually promise 7 years of sobriety and one of my uncles lasted 5. By the way he described the entire process, it sounded to me like hypnotherapy and some intimidation (by a village crone in a dark hut). But either way, it worked. He then went again for a few times and got another few years here and there.


OMG Lena, your work is gorgeous!! I peeked at your gigs because I was curious about your Tarot work. Do you have a portfolio somewhere off site?


OT Yes Lena that is some mighty fine work you have there. I am jealous of the New My Portfolio thing, I don’t seem to have access to that as it would help lots for music too.


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I have to say, he was the “typical” type where us humans were allowed to serve him.
(which is fine of course)
I’m happy to say we had plenty of other cats who were just simply the sweetest creatures on earth.
Luckily I don’t have a cat that poops, but I do have a rather old fellow who coughs up fur balls every now and then. :sweat_smile:

They certainly are!!
It made me think hmmm, maybe my sample images lack color…should I change them!?

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I don’t think it’d be appropriate to link my other portfolios or product links. But I’m credited as an illustrator on all the decks I did so if you are into collecting indie-released decks, you may come across one of those one day. :slight_smile:

Also, thank you for the sweet words, everyone. Didn’t mean to hijack this thread. It was just to say that working in all those esoteric fields can be a cool experience. Magical, I’d say. As long as you don’t pour thousands of dollars into an “ethical” operation of stealing someone’s husband.

Do it. I used to tell everyone that I didn’t like working with color. Now look at me. I can’t contain myself. :slight_smile:

I believe you get this option after becoming TRS (possibly in selected categories). But don’t worry, buyers never seem to find it by themselves.