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Love you fiverr


hello,i am musicia.
i am new on fiverr.i have completed 10 orders and waiting to receive a level 1 seller badge from excited about this.
i just want to say i am falling in love with fiverr.
if i did any mistakes on this writing please forgive me because i am new.
thank you.


Hi again @musicia,
I wrote a lot of things about that, just look at a link below and I hope that you will find helpful things.
Wish you all the best in future and keep working.


thank you so very is helpful.i will must try it.


Good job!
Congrats :grinning::money_mouth_face:


Great for you ! :slight_smile:
Best wishes .


thank you.lots of love to all of you


That’s great!

Here’s a tip: If you have great experience in marketing field, start adding more gigs about what you know you can deliver. More gigs = more visibility and business oportunities!

Who knows? Now reached Level 1, in 1 year Top Rated Seller.

Best of luck!


thank you for encouraging me


Spelling of feeling is wrong.


i wrote falling .i think you got wrong.
thanks for comments.


lol why did you shared this link :smiley: she/he all ready got 10 sells.


This is awesome. So soon you will complete 50 orders and get lvl 2 badge.


Congo for your success :smiley:
I also had the same feeling when I was suppose to got my Level 1 badge :smiley:
Best wishes for you.


no no.
he was right.
before I edited my post I was asking for how will I get more orders.
that is why he gave this link.
but I edited before saw this.


Me too feel same like you Musicia and I wish you good luck dear.


I see :wink: Then he did a great help for you. There are a lot of post in the forum. Keep reading those to improve sell :slight_smile:


yeah ofcourse.thank you for encouraging me.


Congratulation :slight_smile: Go ahead


Congrats for your success. :slight_smile:
Maybe I miss a little with my post, because you are good. But however, keep working and griw :slight_smile:


Congrats, good job :slight_smile: