Lovely Green or Scary Ornage


Today fiverr has changed the color green to orange…Orange color is scary…When I log in to my account today morning I scared what happen to my account…We like Green…What do you think friends??


Try clearing out your cache & deleting cookies, sign out then sign in again. This happened to many people last week but it was temporary.


Thank you very much for the reply… It worked…I got Lovely Green now :slight_smile:


Pleased to have been a help~! :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo:

Did you try again clearing cache? It worked for me…try once again…


I just got it yesterday, too. I was green, and then I delivered an order and when the page reloaded everything was orange. I thought I’d done something wrong, before I realized it was just a color change, but it scared me!