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Lovin' the new masthead section - thank you

Brilliant! They can’t miss the search bar now.

No doubt we will still have to point it out though …


Never underestimate people’s ability to surprise you :grimacing: :wink:


Well, yes … but now we can tell them to use the search bar! Just did.

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Good but a bit too much wasted space I think. There should be an option to condense it.
I’m sure the colours have changed too. The edit box is now a bright blue which it didn’t used to be I think and the links on the profile seem to have changed colour too.

Noooooo! Bigger! Wider! Flashing! Eye catching! And we should share it on social media, too! Every day! 10 times!

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Noooo. It’s too big and too much wasted space. We’ll need 8K screens just so it’s less noticeable (the title text is too big too for the “Welcome” message). We need more options to condense it. I asked for more options for screen width (eg. so we can use more of the screen width) and they said maybe not (it just shows everything in a narrow bit in the centre really) but now they’re using up lots more of the screen height :frowning:

In all seriousness, it needs to be so obvious it can’t be missed. With any luck this will cut down dramatically on the “mek sells” posts. Give it time … it’s just a change. Doesn’t mean it’s bad.

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Careful, careful, with what you’re wishing for, the universe might think you really want all that sharing and oblige.

Seriously, though, that’s great, not that I’m convinced it will change anything yet, we’ll see, but there is always hope :slight_smile:


It’s a good addition no doubt, but it’s my 1072nd day on the forum & Welcome message is not needed :smiley: I fixed with some css. I already have Styler Pro chrome extension. I added a simple CSS code for Forum site. (though the site is under construction, many changes are coming, so it’s just a temporary solution.)

.wrap.custom-search-banner-wrap {
    display: none;
.list-controls {
    margin-top: 15px;

It looks neat and clean, love it.

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waoo nice///////////