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Loving the new update!

I’m just Loving the newly updated fonts of Fiverr, and also the Fiverr logo!


It’s irritating me, the Ä in this font doesn’t have dots on top so I always think I am misspelling it and I don’t know how it shows up on the buyer’s screen.


Only capitals for me image

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I do have them in both capital and lower case letter.


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These are some tiny dots on the capital Ü :smiley:
For me it’s the same as for @marinapomorac, only the small letters have dots, sometimes the i looks like a capital I, though in order chats it’s all fine.

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ups… if I zoom to 200% I see dots too


Ohhh you are right. That makes it even more irritating to me! :smiley:

@janali, perhaps shifting your keyboard language to German might do the trick. :thinking:

Try and see if it works. :slightly_smiling_face:

The dots are there but if you use the site on 100 % you can’t see the dots. Those are shy dots. :smiley:

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Yes, they’re already too scared to show up. :joy:

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there small i looks like small L …

You’re right, in some case I have to explain something in other language like french how could i do that then? It would create a mess.

Once you press the “send” button, the text will be sent in a different font. I tried it and you can see the dots correctly then. So it shouldn’t cause any issues but you might get hung up if you read over your message text again before sending.