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Loving this update!

YAY!!! :hugs::heart_eyes: I just noticed that we now have an option to “Clear Message” when responding to a customer the first time! This is awesome, because it’s a quick fix to the pre-made messages we had no manually erase, if we wanted to use out own text wording.

As much fussing as I’ve been doing I thought it only right to mention a useful, and needed update!

Thanks fiver :slight_smile:


Actually, those pre-made messages that Fiverr offered could be easily erased - at least for me. I was able to click on one of the two, and then hit change selection for the message to erase and where I could type something of my own.


Oh really? I found it a hassle! Not for me I had to select the whole thing then delete… then add my own… found it to be just another little waste of time! So this is easier for me! :slight_smile:


It was by mistake I found it. I hit the I need more information button, but meant to hit the other. When I hit change selection, the message disappeared and I was left with an empty box I could type in something for myself. Talk about ecstatic.


Oh, poor me, all this new review thing is driving me nuts !!! :frowning_face:

Yesterday evening an order came through, chatted with my buyer while working, delivered it at night and I just didn’t notice at all!!! :flushed:

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Gee! I needed to make that mistake!! lol…I found it super annoying!

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Yikes! I can relate! I’ve been rather sidetracked as well!! :neutral_face:

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Why put the message there at all?


That’s the order page.

Don’t you greet your buyers when ordering? :flushed: I do :blush:

Also some buyers like chatting through the order page instead of doing it through inbox while the order is in progress.

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I type my own greeting! I don’t want that scripted thing I didn’t write there.

If there are sellers who can’t even write their own greeting to new orders they shouldn’t be here.


Oh, sorry, I completely misunderstood you :frowning_face:

Yeah, right, we’re talking the same thing !!!

My bad… apologies :frowning_face:


Would be more hassle-free and less complicated to not have any pre-generated messages at all. It was fine the way it was before we got those extra buttons.

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I have my own set of quick responses for a number of scenarios. It’s a little more personal, keeps my response time low, and still saves time, especially when I’m out running errands.

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The “Clear Message” button is very handy when you’re out running errands.

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Yes it is very helpful for us…

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