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Low baller procedure?

I got a message with proposal for $3 job worth several hours work. I just put it in the trash, then got back to my profile and got reminded about the responsiveness data on my profile. So, I was going back to see is there a trash bin so I can respond to that message just so my responsiveness doesn’t go down.

I’m asking here what’s the best thing to do with someone asking for cheap? To delete the message, to respond or to report as spam?

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This may be helpful to you:

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Mark the message as spam so they don’t bother you anymore. It won’t affect your response rate.

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I would’ve replied to him that he should read fiverr TOS that he signed and that it says there that the cheapest price can be on fiver is 5$

And after that block him

Just type “ok” or something fast then ignore it. I would block that person.

You could just tell the buyer how much you would do the job for and also let the buyer know that it isn’t possible on Fiverr to do $3 jobs currently. As long as you respond within 24 hours it should be okay. Technically I don’t think it’s spam if the question was about your gigs, and the buyer may not have known about the Fiverr limitation on prices.

Really this isn’t a person any seller should try to work with or even waste a second of time on talking to.

Why not respond?

“Sorry, I can’t help you.”

Or respond with a custom offer.

Response Rate Matters. Even a simple “no” is better than ignoring it.

Remember, you can get demoted for a low response rate!