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Low business in November and december


Hi Guys, I am working on fiverr from last 8 months and was getting decent number of projects every week, but from last 5-6 weeks, I got fewer projects and just 2-3 views ( some times zero ) on gigs. is it natural or there is someting wrong with my profile. please help :frowning:


Dear Navneet:

Assuming I found the correct profile page for you, it appears that you have not been on Fiverr for a full year yet, so you don’t yet have enough data to know whether this is normal FOR YOU.

It varies for everyone based on a number of factors.

I refer you to episode 29 of Fiverrcast:

and this quote in particular:

Ryan: Getting back to analytics, do either of you use anything off Fiverr to track your analytics?

Redd: Well, I will start that one because my analytics method is ridiculous. I’m sure you guys have much better systems than me. I have a notebook. I have two notebooks and I track a lot of different things in my notebooks.

The main thing that I do is I write down at the end of every month what – how much I have earned that month and then I look and see if I actually took any days off that month, remove them from the number and then factor that out so that I know exactly how much money I made per day because there are different amounts of days in different months. It gives me an idea of whether or not this particular month was honestly better than last month because I can see whether or not my per day income has increased and that’s how I also factor what kind of impact it would have if I decided to take time off.

So I have that and then I have another notebook where I literally track for every single day of the week how many orders I received that day and the reason I do that is because I can basically say, OK, today is Tuesday. Today I normally get about 35 orders but today, I’ve only gotten 22 orders. I can go back through and look at all of my Tuesdays and see when like – when that trend occurred and it’s basically a way for me to keep on track and not drive myself crazy by seeing whether or not I’m getting more orders than normal or less orders than normal.

I can kind of go through and look at a representative trend. I’m personally very into seeing how I’m performing on a day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year basis. So yeah, paper, pencil, that’s me. I’m really dull. So Adam, what do you do?

Adam: So I have two elements to mine. I have the tracking of revenues like you’re doing. Then I have the tracking of orders live so to speak. So for the tracking of revenues, what I actually do is each month I go to the revenues page and I export, usually export via CSV the amount cleared inside the previous month.

Then I put that into an Excel spreadsheet, count it all up and get the summary and then I basically – I don’t cross-reference that from the month before because I understand that there are different trends throughout different times of the year. Like January is normally quieter for me than November, et cetera.

So I actually match that against the previous year and then the year before that. So if I look at this year as an example, there’s a certain figure. I can see if it’s less or higher than this time last year and then the year before that. Then the overall objective there is if – it’s one of these small gains things where you have a system called “small gains” where you try to make small improvements to overall improve everything.

Good luck,


Here is a post you might want to read, although you probably would have benefited more when it was first posted:

A few gigs with high seasonal usefulness or holiday-related opportunities do very well this time of year. Most people experience slow times somewhere between November and mid-January.


for me december was fantastic but I am getting few orders from January. So I think we should wait a little and everything will be normal :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch for this useful information, Does conversion rate really matters to make gig more visible in search result. my conversion rate is 0.8 percent since I get lots of messages from clients, but most of them I am not able to close leads, some times because of pricing issue or some other factors.


oh Thank God, its because of holidays season, hope everything will be back on track very soon


Thanks for your replay, now a days just experimenting with my gigs :slight_smile:


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