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Low competition gigs

i dont know which is low competition gigs. lots of services are bg removal, thumbnails, data entry etc. anyone can please help…


i think white board animation is a low competition gig.


Here’s some low competition subcategories/services:

Ad Copy (Writing & Translation)
Alexa Skill creation (programming & tech->Chatbots)
Audio Ads Production (Music & Audio subcat)
Celebrity Impersonators (lifestyle subcat)
Collectables (lifestyle subcat)
Cybersecurity & Data Protection (most are Pro gigs but some aren’t)
Development for Streamers (programming & tech subcat)
Dialogue Editing (music & audio subcat)
Display Advertising (Digital Marketing subcat)
DJ Mixing (music & Audio subcat)
Drone Videography (video & animation subcat)
Family & Genealogy (lifestyle subcat)
Jewelry Design (graphics & design subcat)
Live Action Explainers
Local Photography (Most are pro gigs though)
Lottie & Website Animation (subcat of video & animation)
Match Moving (Video & Animation->Visual Effects subcat)
Software Testing (programming & tech->QA & review subcat)
Virtual Staging (graphics & design->Architecture & interior design subcat)

Whiteboard & Animated Explainers subcat has 10,296 services sorted by recommended.
Searching for “whiteboard animation” gives 3,122 results and “whiteboard animated” gives 3,298 results (by relevant) so I wouldn’t really say it’s low competition since there’s thousands of other whiteboard animation gigs.


The thing is, even if you were to find a low competition category, if you are not skilled in that category or type of work, you really have no business creating a Gig there - all it will lead to is low ratings when the buyer gets a poor delivery. Offer Gigs in areas that you actually have expertise or talent in.



search in every categorizes… It can help you.

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This is the top 10 low competition Graphic design gigs/service on Fiverr.

  1. Album Cover Design
  2. Cartoons & Comics
  3. Vector Tracing
  4. Trade Booth Design
  5. T-Shirts & Merchandise
  6. Postcard Design
  7. Character Modeling
  8. Podcast Cover Art
  9. Tattoo Design
  10. Invitation Design

Vector Tracing has 14,266 services.
Cartoons and Comics has 14,197 services (both sorted by recommended), so they aren’t really low competition services.


While others have given you some suggestions for low competition gigs (because that’s what you asked for), the exercise is pointless unless you are skilled in any of the suggested services. In other words, as a seller, you are approaching this from completely the wrong way. You need to understand what it is you are good at, and base a service around that.

There’s no point in advertising a gig for ‘DJ Mixing’ for example if you’ve just downloaded a copy of Audacity and you have no idea how to use the software or indeed lack any innate skill to beat mix.


Not necessarily. You could be good at data entry but it might not be worth basing a service around that seeing as there’s >44,000 gigs (and not enough demand per gig) in that category and it won’t likely be very profitable. Or there could be some other skill that someone is good at but there might not be much demand for/profit in.

So it could have some use even for someone who currently isn’t skilled in a specified low competition service if they could make themselves skilled enough in it - if that service would be profitable enough.


I sort of agree with you, but sort of don’t! As a seller, it is of course possible to ‘upskill’ and to train yourself in a new niche. And I always try and encourage people to learn new skills and to move forward in life. It’s healthy to do so in my opinion.

However, I ultimately look at this from the buyer’s point of view (which results in feedback for the seller, impacting their Fiverr reputation). If I was a buyer, would I want to purchase a gig from someone who was effectively using my order to learn on the job? Not at all. I’d rather buy from someone who could demonstrate experience, skills and positive feedback in their niche.

I’ve written this a few times in the forums over the past year or so, the successful sellers sell gigs they are skilled at and experienced in. I’m a rubbish illustrator, a mediocre photo editor, and you wouldn’t want me designing your house extension, as it would fall down - but I’m good with grammar and writing. That’s my skill. That’s what I sell.


Though for some services people will often be increasing their skills as they go even if they have a gig in that service. eg. the current gig could offer more basic stuff (not the stuff they’re currently learning).

But it wouldn’t have to be learning on the job. The seller could pick a new service (eg. a low competition one like in this thread) from one they think they could be skilled enough in when trained enough, then learn it, then create the gig for it if/when they are good enough. Therefore the service recommendations like the ones in this thread could be useful to sellers who did that, and there shouldn’t be a problem for buyers if the seller has created the gig after they are skilled enough at that service.


Hi and welcome to the forums.

Tricky one, However its always best to stick to what your actually capable of achieving and have the real skills to be competitive and professional with.

There is no point in offering Gig’s in areas your not able to provide a good and professional service too.

Or just trying to hit the lower serviced gig area’s or skill sets.

Provide the best service in the area of your expertise.

only my 10c worth.


Check this out. It was made by my friend @blavaro


" bg removal " is a low competition keyword

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Thanks for all guiding me