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Low delivery time will make you lose your badge ! IS THIS TRUE ?!


i’ve read on a Facebook group post that if you get less than 70% on " Orders Delivered on Time " you will lose your badge, is this true ? because the post writer said that is a confirmed information.

capture attached :


“Fiverr is going to haunt you down”… :ghost:

Sure… it is true. Be very scared! :jack_o_lantern:


where did you see that announcement?

sounds spooky!


lol, im scared already because my delivery time is 73% :scream:


from a facebook group


Then why for gods sake do you offer 1 day delivery? There is no point offering 1 day service for everyone, unless is something that takes you 2 minutes…

If I was a buyer that needs you service, I would never buy from you… I saw 10 reviews of yours and two of them, were negative because of being late…


I totally agree with @videolabs


A facebook group? not Fiverr’s official page?

ok then.


man dont judge me without knowing my situation :slight_smile: i always deliver in time and my clients are totally satisfied with my service, for the old late deliveries i wasnt here and i forgot to turn on the vacation mode, and i had no internet ( i asked for help in an old post ) and after this bad mistake i didnt give up, i ranked from ( 89% positive rating / 0% Delivered on Time / 0% Orders Completed ) to 94% positive rating / 73% Delivered on Time / 96% Orders Completed… after hardwork :slight_smile: and now i get daily orders and everyone is happy with me :slight_smile:


Yes, don’t judge a book by its graphics…! :wink:


Yes, old late deliveries…

Your best seller gig has this review:
“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!
1 day ago”

And that with the internet, I invented it 15 years ago when I was on dial-up :slight_smile:
No reason to justify yourself to me, you should be more responsible - I am only giving advice to you.


“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time! 1 day ago” its a special case.

" And that with the internet, I invented it 15 years ago when I was on dial-up " you don’t have a family who lives in a poor village without internet, even mobile phone network doesn’t work sometimes… !!!

thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it.


Very professional I can tell…
It is true, I don’t have a family who lives in a village without Internet, but if I do I will make sure to finish my orders before I go there :slight_smile:


@videolabs I don’t know why you are being that aggressive, or what’s your beef with @yassinegraphics, maybe you are having a rough day or something.

But this is a friendly reminder that we need to treat each other with respect and decency.


Not at all Frank,

I apologize if I am aggressive. I just want to give him advice, same advice as I would like someone to give to my kids if they are not responsive in what they do.
I can understand being late for 2 hours, 5 hours, but to get automatic cancellation it takes a lot more than that.


My delivered time is 100% but thanks for the useful information :wink:


Yes that can happen.


The beef better be Kosher or Halal.
Cuz that’s how I like mine…! :cow:


Is this for real? Uh oh!