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Low impression and click volume

I am a new seller and joined Fiverr a couple of months back and create few gigs but I am not able to get any orders and in fact, my impression volume is very low, and have no clicks. Please, anyone, give some suggestions on what to do with this issue. It is very heartbreaking with this performance and I am thinking to leave the Fiverr as it is not working for me. Please advise me and looking forward to some serious and professional suggestions.
here are the links to the gig please have look and suggest I will really appreciate this.


Well, welcome to one of the most competitive freelance marketplaces online.

There are hundreds of new members on Fiverr daily.

You have thousands of competitors just in the categories that your Gigs are listed.

It isn’t easy to get a lot of work here anymore.

It is even harder for newbies.

I think you can help yourself by charging far more than $5. To me, a $5 Gig makes me wonder about the quality of the work.

I have not looked specifically at your Gigs but if you have indicated you are willing to provide “unlimited revisions” I strongly suggest you delete that as you are setting yourself up for abuse.

Otherwise, be patient.

Work on improving your skills…rewriting your Gig descriptions every so often to keep them fresh and you will eventually see some work.


Thankyou for the suggestions means alot.

Great Tips! Thank you so much!!!

Dear friend,

I hope you doing well!
To get impressions and views/clicks you need a little bit of steady effort.

In short…

Follow the

  1. Adhere
  2. Share your gigs on social media.
  3. Share your gigs on different forums posting.
  4. Better conversation with all of your friends and clients will help you in this regard.
  5. Optimize you description and relatively make sense to your description and your images
  6. Attract others through your creativity and uplift your skills.
  7. Input you exact keywords/tags that match with your titles or meta titles.

Everything will be alright and Trust yourself and have patience is only key to success.

I hope you would like it.

Happy Earning!