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Low impression gig delete or edit what is better?

I published my gig in 8 February until today its impression is 15. Now I want to know this gig is it better to delete or edit. Thanks advance.

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Are you checking if the gig is active?

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@only1rejaul is I checked my my gig. It’s active

First of all, I’d recommend you to change your thumbnails. Current color palette doesn’t really leave that “professional” feeling. It feels like it came straight from 2000s :slight_smile:
Also, 24/7 is something that looks unrealistic if you’re a one-man team offering services. Is this the case?

And finally, look at the examples of successful gigs in your niche, see what do they do differently from you. Maybe take into your arsenal some techniques or ideas or general concept on how to overhaul your gig. Making new gig instead of an old one will benefit you little if its contents remain the same.

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@tenebres_telrei thanks for your suggestion

Change of thumbnail will be harmful for your gig. I suffered much.

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Try to long time active

Also facing this problem but don’t find any solution.

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@anwarbappy its my gig thumbnail. Really it’s harmful ?

@ashadul139 I already long time active but I have no improvement :relieved: