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Low impression on my gigs

Hi! house, it been 2 years now that i went on vacation due to some other business i am doing, now am back, but having challenge with my gigs, they are receiving very low impression/views/clicks (5-10 impression), am not sure if it appears on search result.

please i need help

Since you were on vacation for two years it may take some time before you get more impressions. Fiverr definitely is penalizing you for going on vacation.

here is the pics

thanks @misscrystal, please is they anything i can do to restore that


If you are using the old gig, I would suggest pausing the old gig and creating a fresh new gig. This will enter the system as a new gig and may help with traction. A lot can change in the sales environment in 2 years, so take a fresh look at your offer against your competition.

Reply to @landongrace: Hey again :slight_smile: I agree with you about having too old gig as a possible reason for low traffic, but I think that even doing small edit in the gig itself and saving/republishing will be helpful although I don’t know if fiverr treat differently newly created gigs and the recently changed gigs and if it does some startup promotion at all, but I am pretty sure that a recent change I did, it triggered some traffic for me.

Maybe it was just coincidence, but worth to test, so if nothing else, try to polish your gig and see in the next few days if the traffic will increase.