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Low Impressions clicks on my gigs

Can anyone tell me and guide me why i am getting low impressions, clicks, orders etc.
I am a new seller with 2 reviews but I have good response time.
Also if anyone can take a look and give me advice it would be great
I will be thankful to you.

Regards, Pasan


Because you are

And you have 500 new sellers joining everyday as competition.

It will take time to succeed in oversaturated categories.


can you recommend me some non saturated categories? (related to graphic design)

Search in forum gig categories and you will find Blavaro post, image with all the sellers in all categories.

I am not on PC now so I can’t look it up, maybe…For information │ Number of services available in most competitive categories │Top countries and share

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thank you for the information. I will definitely look it up

Please Online As Much You Can Please Share Your Gig With Your Social Account Like Insta,Facebook,Twitter

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thank you i will do that

I am also a new seller. I have 2 my position is same to same.gig impression and click are down.I don’t know what to do now.

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The big reason of low impression and clicks is cheap keywords , title of your gig , so make strong keywords and attractive description + good looking image . Note don’t copy of other gig description , ,title or image

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