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Low/NO sales at level 2

Happy new year community! A few months ago I have had very few sales and even no sales for weeks, since I went up to level 2 everything has been in decline and I do not know how to get more clients, useful advice? How have you been in the 2020 season? I really hope things improve around here, I would love if you could help me, I am a seller in the design area (architecture and design).


I’m in a slump, too. A lot of companies make their budgets in January / the beginning of a quarter. Do that could be contributing. And in the case being Level 2 wouldn’t change the fact the demand is low at this time.

I always look at what my market generally does when and make decisions and plans from there.

The end of December and this first week in January were a bit slow for me on Fiverr. I spent some time in unavailable mode due to my children being on winter break, so it’s partly my fault. I know some of my regular buyers were out of the office on vacation, and I expect that my orders will pick back up soon.

I know for myself, I am not making any more purchases of freelance services until I finish my bookkeeping for the last quarter. This ties in with @humanissocial’s comment that companies are creating their budgets in January.

You might replace your “Christmas Card” gig with a Valentine’s Day one to get more views since the Christmas season is over now.

Also, in your landscaping design gig, I would like to see an FAQ or a longer description with details. This seems like it’s something that homeowners and non-business owners could use as a service if they understood what you’re offering and how to submit their ideas to you without having a full understanding of landscaping.

Best of luck and happy new year!

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Yeah, having the worst sales week so far too so it’s safe to say it’s just the state of things at the moment.


Welcome to the form. best of luck :grinning:

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