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Low number of buyer requests

Hi there everyone! Hope you are doing fine.
I am witnessing very low number of buyer requests from last 6 months in my seller account. I am on level two and during past months I only had two order cancellations. All the stats I have are doing absolutely fine. Despite having a good level here I can only see 10 to 15 requests from my 6 active gigs. I have contacted the customer support several times in this regard and they always come up with the same response that everything is fine with my account.
I would like to know what could be the reason of it? and How can i tackle this problem.
Thank you

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Perhaps there few buyers posting requests for work in your gig categories. Or, perhaps there is extreme competition, and most of the buyer requests in your gig categories are meeting their response limits before you are able to see them in your BR section.

It is wise not to expect the BR section to be your only source of leads.


Thanks for the response.
Yes my niche is very competative, but I had 1000s of active requests few months ago and now they have dropped to almost 0. I don’t know what could be the reason.
Beside this, can you suggest some ways how can I improve my gig’s SEO?

I provided two possible reasons in my last post. Perhaps you missed them.

You can find plenty of tips on this, both here on the forums, and via a standard SEO internet search.

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