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Low or no impressions

I guess a lot of us are facing the falling impressions issue.We should discuss it in detail in the forum to find the solution for it.I had contacted the support team as well a week ago.But,I haven’t received any response from them till now.I request all the experienced members and the members facing this issue to offer their views on this problem in hand.Also,if anyone has received any response from the Fiverr team,please mention it here.


One very familiar topic it is.
We all are facing this problem everyday.
But we have to remember fiverr has some secret method for this impressions and gig ranking.
We don’t know the secret methods.
But I am waiting for other’s people reply here.

I have been facing the same problem for several months. Gig is losing rank. What is the solution to this problem? Sharing through social media is not solving the problem.

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I guess it all started after I edited my gig.But,I have done it in past as well.I didnt face any problem at those times.

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