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Low Order Completition

I had two orders canceled, with one review the account is going down. It’s going to 55%. What can I do now?

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What were the reasons of the cancellations?


I gave a job offer, the buyer ordered me to do another job.

Was the request outside the scope of the Gig?

If you have not yet reached level one it can’t go down.

Complete a few more orders and will go up! :slight_smile:

Try to complete a few more orders & avoid order cancellation.

I think that the solution depends upon the cause (what caused the cancellation), not upon the effect (the cancellation itself).

Hence the questions.

It’s quite difficult provide an answer without knowing the cause.
If the communication with the buyer is handled in this way - a single line at a time - communication is a contributing factor.


Aw, so short & sweet one-liners are non buono (no bueno)?! Noted! :pen:

If brevity damages clarity, no.

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Well, I hope Emily comes back to shed more light :bulb: regarding this issue.

I have the same problem how can I fix the order completion 100%