Low order count for the past week?


Hello Sellers,

Good day to you!

For the past week I’m not receiving orders as usual (I do logo designing). Is anyone experience this? I used to get most of the orders from US (I’m living in an Asian country). But now I’m not getting any. Also no messages from US.

I had a problem where “show online sellers” is selected, my gig was disappear. I reported this and last Sunday Fiverr correct this (Thank you Fiverr team :slight_smile: ). Also I think the search patterns also updated.

Your suggestion are highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Hi maheshadil,

Yes, Even my sales reduced comparing with last year this time. Do not know what is happening around.




Thank you for the update.

For me also January month is average. But this month, first week was OK. But this week is terrible.

Thank you.