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Low order rate

anyone feeling the same this month ?

Hello, I think this is relative.

I see you are a level 2 seller. So I would suggest you check out you gig ranking on your niche. Confirm where you are on the page.

That should provide more insight as to whether it is a general development or not.

My sales have been steady. Not too much, not too slow.

Same here bytesolutionz,I’m also having some slow process these days.I wonder Is it just only us
Are there anybody having ineffective month comparatively to previous ?

how to check gig ranking ? can you tell me ?

i’m a seller of level 2 and not getting a single order from last two weeks

I’m sorry to hear about that.For me,It started after I edited my gig’s description.Did you also edit your gig recently ?

i just change my tags one hour before

I am experiencing the same heat. For last 20 days, I am not getting inquiry or order from new buyers. Days of complete despair. Hearing that the whole system is changing at Fiverr… algorithm, etc…running out of patience now…not sure what to do


I’m exactly at the same boat :worried:


did situation get better ? i am still not getting anything. what’s your situation ?

Same here.

I feel that Fiverr is still working out some issues with the new algorithm.

Taking into account how many serious sellers out there are complaining about the same issue i strongly feel that it is going to be reflected in Fiverr’s revenue as well.

Although they most likely we’re expecting a few months will less revenue it will sting them as well so eventually something will have to change.

I’m in the same boat, before I was averaging 5-14 orders at once and now it’s been 1 week with no new sales.


Let’s hope for the best. I am gathering patience :slight_smile:

Same here I have my fingers crossed each morning when I’m checking Fiverr that maybe today will be the day.

In any case this is also a blessing because if we like it or not, now we have more time to learn new skills, or even take time off.