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Low orders since weeks, help!

Hey guys, this is my first thread in Fiverr forum. I used to get a few orders per day and suddenly I had to turn on Vacation mode since I was hospitalized. I returned back to Fiverr in a few weeks and didn’t get any order from any new buyer since then. I has been more than seven months now. what should I do? I’m getting a really low impression rate, and my gigs are not in among the search results. I got around 20 five star ratings from old buyers, but my gig seems not showing up in the search results yet. I’m really worried.

Hi writerkaru. I am glad to know you are back after being hospitalized. I would say since you’ve had past success and only lost momentum due to being away from Fiverr for a while, you just need to freshen things up to get noticed again. Perhaps you can use a different profile photo and also try to take advantage of any buyer requests. If you’re able to generate a sale and subsequently a good review, it should give you a good bump in search results. Also, if you haven’t already, try and use social networking and other means to let folks know you are back in business and ready to go.