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Low rating by first customer

Hello, I have a question regarding low customer rating. It was my first customer, and we apparently didn’t understand each other from the beginning, and he said he will take a look at the attached file, and answer me as soon as he can, but I waited for 7 days for his reply, which I didn’t get. He rated me with 3.4 star and wrote that he wanted something else.
My question is, what should I do now, because 3.4 stars is very low. Should I delete my profile and make a new one?
I had one profile already, and I wasn’t so happy with it, although I had 4.5 star rating in total… Now I think that I should have upgraded my gig descriptions, but I also wanted to change my username.


username not changeable…This is fiverr rules.

and i suggest you stay this account and nxt time try best…


Yes, I know that the username is not changeable. I had a profile before this one, and I wanted to change my username on that profile.
Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it.

If it was your very first order I would strongly recommend that you delete your account (so that you do not have multiple accounts) and start over. I would do so.

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I think I will do that. One customer was interested in one of my gigs, I will wait few more days for him to respond. If he doesn’t respond, I will delete this account and start over. Thank you.

She never said she wanted to change her username.

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yes i suggest you to make a new account. because first impression is a last impression

it’s against the rules

Are you sure? Because on my previous profile I asked support, and they replied I can make a new one, but before that delete the previous one if I want to change my username. I think it’s only not allowed to have multiple accounts at once.

if support said that then it’s probably ok … IF they said that

Yes, I think they did say that. Maybe someone else can confirm this.